Taking the Capitol with the Denver Light Brigade
"The urban camping ban is really just probable cause for the police to harass people"
Serenading the Tattered Cover

"The boy — called B.D. in a civil rights lawsuit filed against the state of Colorado — wants to stay anonymous. His mother, in an interview with The Colorado Sun, said her son understands the impact his lawsuit is about to have for all transgender Coloradans, at least to a degree.

She gave him the choice. “I remember him looking up at me,” said B.D.’s mother, whose name is not used in this story to protect her son’s identity. “He asked, ‘If we lose, can they take our house?’ ...I reassured him that would never happen. He obviously understood the weight of the moment, that he was going up against a very big institution.”

And on the day they found out Colorado planned to settle, that the state health department would rewrite its rules for B.D. and every other transgender person, the teenager began shadow boxing and humming the theme from Rocky."

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Four years running, transgender people and the parents of transgender kids scooted close to a microphone in the state Capitol and asked a row of suited lawmakers to make it easier for them to get birth certificates with the gender that matched the way they live.

No Denver PD, don't ask him to hide it. Fire his ass.

"A photo of Denver Police Department officer Michael Traudt shows a tattoo on one hand that duplicates the logo of the 3 Percenters, defined by the Anti-Defamation League as an anti-government militia group.

Traudt, the target of a wrongful-death lawsuit over the 2015 killing of Paul Castaway, a suicidal man who was wielding a knife when the officer fatally shot him, says he is neither a member of the 3 Percenters nor anti-government, and insists that he's been planning to cover the tattoo to avoid anyone wrongly assuming that he's affiliated with the group. He faces no discipline from the department for the tattoo, although after Westword asked about the tattoo, a DPD spokesperson said that Traudt has been asked to conceal it while on duty."
A photo of a Denver police officer shows a tattoo on his hand that duplicates the logo of an anti-government militia group.