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I can't get any contact info... I'm apart of a non profit, and we wanted to ask more questions about ... the space, anybody can help?? See More
This place had an event with Daddy Yankee on September 20th 2017 and told us Not to take pictures or ... Record video with our cellphones in specifically pictures because they would have a Photographer take the pictures with there cameras and the pictures would be posted to this facebook page where we can see all the pictures of the event including the pictures with the Fans Daddy Yankee took but only 15 pictures were uploaded and None and Yes I mean none not a single picture of him with his fans was or is uploaded after you said all the pictures will be posted up. The most important pictures which are the ones with his fans arent posted and this is unfair because many of us are waiting for those pictures of that event. Ive tried emailing the place to the email where I got the confirmation but I never got a Response 😭😭 and I want to have those pictures of me with Daddy Yankee because those are the only pictures I have with him See More
I have some suggestions to make visiting you guys a bit more user friendly...
1. Allow people to ge ... t in touch with you. There is no phone number listed anywhere to answer simple questions that would avoid major problems.
2. Make your schedule more visible.
a. There are lots of special events or guest appearances that seem to randomly happen without notice. I'd love to participate in many of these occasions, but no one finds out until after the fact when pics are posted.
b. There are also private events that are closed to the general public. If one of us decides to drop in for a random visit, we are turned away due to private event.
3. Be more clear about workshop schedules. It is not always obvious that these events start at a specific time as opposed to anytime within a specific window.

*I attempted to participate in a workshop last night and I was extremely disappointed and angry to find out that I was not allowed in after driving from LI to NYC for 2+ hours and spending $37 on parking, plus gas for a 40+ mile trip, only to be turned away. I couldn't even stay to socialize and meet other creators because of a private event being held. I wasted 4 hours of my life trying to attend this event. Because of the desciption of the workshop, I was under the impression that I could show up anytime between 5:30 and 8:30. I got there at 7pm and was turned away. I will also be penalized for missing a workshop that I pre-registered for, without the ability to contact anyone to explain the situation.

I have been so anxious and excited to go to Youtube space NY to meet other creators and enjoy the facility, but it is a major undertaking for me to make the trip and find childcare for my children. At this point, I never want to go back because it is just not worth the trouble. These issues need to be addressed so people like me can participate.

Please use this information to improve on these issues.
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YouTube Space NY added 17 new photos from January 12 to the album: Camila Cabello Album Release — at YouTube Space NY.
January 12

Fans joined Camila as she talked about the release of her new album, "Camila."