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    Our General Secretary delivers the keynote this morning at , explaining how delivers scientific advice through science, methods and cooperation. – at FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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    i’m sorry for all this shit

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    what a smile damn

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    ‚78% of all assessed fishstocks in MedSea classified as overexploited‘ addresses L.Thomas, Deputy DG FAO, urgency to act

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    Many cowards can beat a Braveheart but not two … 🦁⚡️ … I love the ending of this video !! ♥️

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    A week has elapsed and I’m still here replaying every single bit of my Oxford interviews in my head and cringing at most of my answers.

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    The Forte Village was awarded the “World’s Leading Resort” award at the 2018 World Travel Awards ceremony - for the 21st year in a row ! à Forte Village Resort

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    For vids you upload on Twitter not to make funny sounds like Chipmunks' first convert it. There's a website that does that in seconds.

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    Eddard Stark

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    We need hard facts and data, otherwise we are fishing in the dark. Message from Commissioner at the opening this morning. – at FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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    Starting off the day being gendered correctly by an aggressive old man saying “BOY! In!” Pointing to the washing machine as I hurry to shove my clothes into it.

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    Today we are kick-starting the new Innovation Community for AGOS will provide the tutoring, training and events for the next 12 months. We are proud of putting our skin in the game together with 30+ innovation heroes for building new real world business value!

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    i want to be your favorite place

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    JewelryL♥VERS! ° BEING POSITIVE is not sitting there and WATCH IT HAPPEN. ° BEING POSITIVE is being active and MAKE IT HAPPEN. ° Have a beautiful day! 😊🌫💞 ° ° ~x

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