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Cinereporter dal 1979 al 2014... reportage in tutte le zone di crisi nei 5 continenti... oggi dalla parte dei bambini... A story doesn't exist unless it is told

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  1. 7 minutes ago

    The conflict in Syria has devastated the country. What will the future hold for its children?...

  2. 26 minutes ago

    Good morning world, despite the successful delivery of essential food and non-food items to Rukban Camp Syria, the situation for people remains dire and unsustainable...

  3. Retweeted

    Last week, the and delivered emergency supplies for 50,000 people in , . Since January, children & families have had minimal access to vital health services. We are calling for unimpeded, sustained and safe access to children everywhere.

  4. Retweeted
    Nov 10

    , Ils jouent dans les ruines. # devant l'immeuble tristement célèbre où Daesh avait l'habitude d'y semer la terreur. Quel puissant message.

  5. 13 hours ago

    Save the rest of yemeni children...

  6. 13 hours ago

    Food and water in Yemen are a luxury...

  7. Retweeted
    13 hours ago

    Children, women and men classify the olives harvested from the trees during harvesting in Afrin, Syria. 📷     

  8. 16 hours ago

    Yemen’s misery, the west is complicit...

  9. 17 hours ago

    Yemen, the suffering grows and no end is in sight. This is turning out to be our crime too...

  10. 20 hours ago

    The beautiful stories that give hope in a better future ...Maya syrian little girl has her new legs and trainers to replace her sardine tins that were her feet for more than 7 yrs...

  11. 20 hours ago

    Let's not forget, the suffering of millions of refugees children is man-made...

  12. Retweeted
    Nov 1

    As temperature drops in Jordan, remember that over 55% population are children

  13. Retweeted

    Donor funding has decreased while the number of forcibly displaced people around the world has increased. Read the latest on the most underfunded refugee situations in 2018:

  14. 23 hours ago

    Millions of refugee children in the world, let's not call them refugees, they are only children ...

  15. 23 hours ago
  16. 23 hours ago
  17. 24 hours ago

    Rohingya Refugees ...

  18. 24 hours ago
  19. 24 hours ago

    South Sudanese Refugee ...

  20. 24 hours ago

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