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    2 hours ago

    And Aung San Suu Kyi has the power--just not the will or desire--to pardon the two Reuters journalists, jailed for exposing the Myanmar army's massacre of ten Rohingya Muslim men.

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    2 hours ago

    A not so good morning for people stuck in Borici “camp” in Bihac in terrible conditions. First snow. Many people complain of beatings by police

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    2 hours ago

    's is visiting Paris tomorrow, giving a chance to match his rhetoric of concern over Yemen's humanitarian crisis with action. Will he press , whose country plays a prominent role in the Saudi-led coalition, on abuses in ?

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    1 hour ago

    Airbnb was making illegal settlements more viable & acquiescing to policy that bars entry to Palestinians- only place where hosts forced by law to discriminate. Delisting only way to meet human rights responsibilities. New research

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    Bed&Breakfast on Stolen Land"-new 65pg / report on tourist listings in illegal settlements off-limits to Palestinians. By delisting has taken stand against discrimination/land theft; should follow suit

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    3 hours ago

    Bravo . Time for other travel sites like that list illegal settlement properties for rent to de-list them, too. "Airbnb Ends West Bank Settlement Listings, Causing Uproar in Israel"

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    Governments supporting an effort to identify those responsible for deadly attacks in need to back their commitment to justice with cash.

  8. 4 hours ago

    Bahrain: No Free Elections in Current Environment

  9. 4 hours ago

    Uzbekistan: Stop Harassing Human Rights Defenders

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    In Pictures: 'Call for the law, equality for all' - Pride attendees demand greater LGBT+ legal protection via

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    8 hours ago

    “It is wrong to put protecting a national symbol first over protecting the rights of the nation’s people” says to , must dropping all charges vs rights activist & dissident Huynh Thuc Vy before trial on 22 Nov in

    , , and 5 others
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    10 hours ago

    On Universal Children's Day, read the new opinion piece by 's for . Although most children have been removed from Nauru, refugees in Australia continue to face significant risks to their physical and mental health:

  13. 5 hours ago

    France: Press UAE Crown Prince on Abuses in Yemen

  14. 6 hours ago

    At least 139 properties were listed on in 2018 in illegal settlements in the West Bank. Every time somebody clicked to book, Airbnb got its commission. Airbnb contributed to, and benefitted from, human rights violations.

  15. 6 hours ago

    Israel: Airbnb to End Settlement Rentals

  16. 6 hours ago

    Russia: LGBT Conference Attacked, Disrupted

  17. 7 hours ago

    Today, Bolivia became the 82nd country to endorse the - protecting education from attack during war! Who's next?

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    21 hours ago

    Some things missing from senior Obama officials’ Statement calling for halting U.S. support for ? "Obama Officials’ Incomplete Reckoning with Failure on Yemen" By () via

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  19. Vietnam: End Crackdown on Freedom of Expression

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