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  1. Dec 8

    My broadcast of June 8, 2015 warning that ISIS will attack . Recently, the group slaughtered Nigerian soldiers. The worst is yet to come and more innocent people will loose their lives if community leaders fail to do the needful.

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  3. There's no greater defender of human rights - anywhere - in parliament than Jeremy Corbyn. From Day 1 Brexit was a fiasco given to us by the non-human rights defending - loving - head-chopping supporting - genocidal regime change partnering, Tory Party.

  4. 9 minutes ago

    Less than 10 people killed in Martin Pl siege. So why is even an issue?

  5. Dec 6

    ...and guess what? , the country that owns Boko-Haram and Fulani-Herdsmen, the 1st and 4th deadliest terrorist groups in the world voted against and supported the group.

  6. 17 hours ago

    On June 8, 2015, warned that ISIS will attack Nigeria. A few weeks ago the group massacred Nigerian soldiers. Humanity should listen to to save lives. See link 👇🏽

  7. Dec 2
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    ..madness & nefarious designs whose modus operandi was later copied by the spurned & rejected girls of Nafis Colony & Samanpura. This modus has been replicated in NIIT & in KMC by Supriya, Mangralore too where female runs after me making people of her community go mad

  9. Dec 8
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    Classy doing a hit piece on a survivor of one of the hundreds of school massacres from a organization. Why are you trying to change the news cycle? Afraid of the money the Russians paid you being believed by your sheeple members? You are whats wrong.

  10. Dec 8

    Using your power to threaten citizens isn't brave. It's pathetic. is a by the very definition of the word

  11. 23 hours ago

    One of my foveret diolouge in move .. Ragini madam avru super agi act madidare 💜💜love u mam

  12. 2 hours ago

    Their rule will end and soon the people of this country will overthrow this corrupt and regime and condemn all the real for their crimes!

  13. Dec 7
  14. 6 hours ago

    Chem & Bio attacks are ongoing theme continues promoting to followers. As chlorine was widely used in , ISIS specialist have dangerous expertise. Lessons learned from simulation in should be studied by all communities to help plan for threat.

  15. 15 hours ago

    thats still just as bad, this is the reality of Modi's India. hindu mobs running around with complete freedom against Sikh's, Muslims and Christians

  16. 3 hours ago
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    When the whole world knows and have evidence that is harbouring terrorists, so why don't they take action against this state and declare it internationally a

  17. Dec 6
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    Thank you Senator, we support you. As always your brave actions against regime will be appreciate.

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  19. 20 hours ago

    Twelve 😉💕 Anime: Terror In Resonance/Zankyo no Terror ☠️🖤

  20. 20 hours ago

    : Chief Jürgen Stock says the Organization’s experience in to information exchange in the Middle East can play a key role in combating the increasing threat in East Africa. Read more:

  21. 23 hours ago

    Nangarhar border forces seize weapons being smuggled from . Security forces seized 26 various types of weapons being smuggled from & a Pakistani national identity card was also with one of the suspects.

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