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    The Trump administration is still adamant on regime change by any means in . Pompeo's special representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, yesterday made that clear.

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  3. US State Dept. claims Daesh was created to protect Syrians from

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    1⚡️Statement by Dr. Bashar Ja'afari, Permanent Representative of to the United Nations 15.11.2018

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  5. Syrian Army launches new attack against Daesh to aid Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor

  6. 🇸🇾 Syrian Arab Army Girl. 🇸🇾

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  8. ‘Syria Salama’ New Exhibition Explores ’s Heritage Destroyed by & Allies

  9. When people suffer, we cannot remain indifferent". is the sanctuary province for millions of civilians. As the threat of violent attacks in looms over it, we remain vigilant and ready to be there for those trapped civilians.

  10. “Thousands of people eat the bread we bake every day. Where there is bread, there is life.” Abdeljalil Hussein's bakery is one of the four in Aleppo rehabilitated under WFP livelihoods projects. Bakeries reopening is a confirmation of stability in many parts of

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    Charles Lister (blocked by him) claims “analytical and policy circles” have for past 4-6 months known about “slow rapprochement” between 1-Lister ought to provide evidence to back up this claim 2- Talks reported here are totally new in nature

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    offers formation of new coalition in region Deputy PM and FM of Qatar Sheikh Al-Thani offered formation of a five-party coalition, comprising Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Turkey and , Iraqi media said What's behind the plan? It would not easier

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    For only 50SYP! Now where in the world is bread that cheap except in Syria. And can you imagine that we're in a WAR! too. This is all provided by the Syrian government. This is 🇸🇾

  14. Completely bizarre revisionism is seemingly the new in-thing when addressing the conflict & how it evolved over the yrs. Some if it is clearly driven by pre-existing political agenda; and some of it is written by people who know nothing of the conflict, beyond top lines.

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    - chiefs have sent a powered hunter killer submarine to the eastern to ramp up pressure on : ℹ The sub has been drafted to keep an eye on the fleet of ⚓ and missile ships off

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    Only by restoring can we solve refugee crisis – Putin WATCH LIVE:

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    The Assad regime forces stationed at al-Bazam hills, shelled heavy artillery targeting the town of Morek, North countryside Hama.

  19. 14 minutes ago

    Maybe ISIS kills journalists as a ploy to scare journalists into leaving the . If journalists flee the Middle East, then there would be no one to report to the international community what is going on in and , and terrorists could do whatever they wanted.

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  21. With the the war in Syria coming to an end, did civilians’ conditions get any better? Is there still a need to make donations? * For online donation:

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