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  1. 23 minutes ago

    Last year, Yassin Al-Haj Saleh wrote this letter to his disappeared wife Samira Khalil, one of the activists. This year too, we stand in solidarity with Yassin and all the families of the disappeared in . We want them back. Take action:

  2. must remind world 's prob among world's greatest & most courageous Human Rights Defenders and will not be forgotten keeping the flame alive until we see them again

  3. 58 minutes ago

    MoD released new footage of fighter flights over 📸 Waiting for testing new weapons on terrorists

  4. & protests have no link. But this 2011video is a reminder of how peaceful protests were met with indiscriminate fire, brutal crackdown, arrests, killings & torture. In Paris, violent protesters made the govt kneel via

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  5. 9 hours ago

    celebrations in the coastal city of , . Warms our hearts to see peace coming back to these ancient lands where the birth of Christ has been celebrated for 2,000 years.🎄❤️

  6. 18 hours ago

    Western democracy working perfectly in France. 🇫🇷 😏 These same are those who call the leaders of other nations to resign and if they do not obey, the French missiles will destroy that country. All in the name of freedom and democracy.

  7. Dec 8

    "Long live Bashar al , Long live his father Hafez, Long live his whole family." Many yellow vests are pro-, supporting the genocidal dictator in .

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  8. Dec 8

    One of the demonstrators saying Vive la

  9. Dec 8

    The same man in shouting "Long live to . Long live to ".

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  10. Dec 8

    A French TKP/ML ( Communist Party/Marxist-Leninist) member in supports protests in .

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  11. Dec 8

    This is a dangerous US policy for Syrian Christians (mostly Aramaic-speaking) in NEast . Syrian Christians are being ethnically cleansed in area by SDF-YPG; yet, US trains a 35-40k force, most Kurdish-YPG, to take area over.

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  12. Dec 7

    Snow in my wonderful country

  13. Dec 6

    # I was with the special forces from who liberated 300 civilian people from and Sousa

  14. Dec 6

    Why can't be trusted.

  15. 4 civilians were injured after artillery shelling with more than 30 shells by the regime forces targeted the residential areas of Khan-Shikhun city southern countryside yesterday after midnight.

  16. Unlike 's fake revolution the French uprising contains women. They also didn't slit the throats of policemen and attack army positions while chanting death to Christians and shia..

  17. Dec 5

    This video of Al Qaeda propagandist/ University "English teacher" Abdul Kafi Al Hamdo from 2017 never gets old. Experience a world where p's become b's & b's become p's. 😂 Enjoy!

  18. Dec 4

    Last night US envoy James Jeffrey was as obnoxious & arrogant as usual but I noticed that he referred to the Idlib "rebels" who used chlorine against civilians in govt held as "terrorists". Not the first time a US official slips like that 😂😂😂

  19. Dec 3

    Greetings from Al- Camp: Despite the harsh winter conditions, cold, hunger and abandoned, these children cheer us up with beautiful smiles

  20. Dec 2

    🇸🇾 “They’re not interested because it doesn’t serve their REGIME CHANGE agenda! For years these media outlets stood with the jihadi gangs!” 🔥 Aleppo MP discusses the Aleppo chemical attack, Idlib & more... MONDAY ON RT! 📺

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