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    The only one single concern this has, is his chair, domestic politics and upcoming elections. He himself is a threat to . Actually, he is the worst thing ever, that happened to Turkey. of

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    Les soldats américains se retirent des points adjacents à la frontière turque en direction de leur base à Ayn Issa.

  4. , to 'coordinate' as Turkey prepares attack on US ally in

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    YPG=PKK targeted TSK / FSA troops in Afrin, killing 1 TSK soldier , military responded in kind killing at least 2 & injuring several, 1 artillery piece was also disabled.

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    Reverse that: will go to war with America to advance it's position in North ? Would you pick a fight with the 500 pound gorilla in the neighborhood?

  7. At least they had a finger left, unlike Jamal There are bigger reasons, like lots of corpses in and other nations where spreads extremism and violence, to boycott the country altogether

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    doğusunda bulunan ve Tahtani'ye karşı saldırı düzenledi. Bölgede çatışmalar yaşanıyor.

  9. Les reprennent le contrôle de situé dans la vallée de l'.

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    Multiple incidents reported on border : TSK defended itself from YPG=PKK fire from & mount Karashokh killing 2 & launching 10-12 artillery shells at their positions.

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    لك ياسمين ياحلو ياكربوج انت

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    Christmas tree lighting from the Church of John the Baptist in Qaryatayn

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    High-Wire Act: US officials scramble at the highest levels to restrain from launching assault on militants in — ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩ on the Trump-Erdogan call and behind-the-scenes diplomacy:

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    Les combattants d'Ahrar al-Sharqiya sont arrivés à Akcakale à la frontière turque face à . Offensive imminente.

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    Conta wants to give a safe way to report political/ideological violence. Share and help us to stop violence.

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    - is trying to form a perm base in , , in order to connect - held areas in to Iraq. Iraqi Yazidis & Christians should be left alone in Sinjar & Nineveh Plains from expansion goals of PKK-YPG & Kurdish Regional Govt.

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    interviews ISIS Hostages Liberated by Syrian Arab Army (Sweida )

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