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  1. U.N. still sees big risks in , despite a lull in northwest, few signs of rebels negotiating or laying down their arms or seeking amnesty

  2. 17 hours ago

    The former Marine and Georgetown University law student was in reporting on the beginnings of the civil war when he was taken prisoner in August 2012. His stories focusing on the war’s impact on civilians

  3. ’s foreign ministry said on Thursday the process of separating radical militants from moderate opposition groups in the demilitarized zone in ’s region had not yet been successfully achieved

  4. 3 hours ago

    . DG Arias tells Foreign Press Association that a core team of 10 experts to investigate and assign blame for attacks in will be hired soon -

  5. A compulsory read How did get its weapons? Europe wants to limit its arms sales to the U.S. and Saudi Arabia because guns went to militant groups in . By

  6. Many of the weapons the militant group fights with in and came from the United States.

  7. 6 hours ago

    Robert O'Brien, US President Donald Trump's special envoy for hostage affairs, urged Syria's ally Russia on Tuesday to push for the release of , an American freelance journalist kidnapped in six years ago | Asharq AL-awsat

  8. 1 hour ago

    The small number of vehicles at a car plant in shows the country's economic ambitions in and the effect of sanctions on the economies of Assad's allies

  9. Nov 5
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    France issues arrest warrants for 3 |n security officials over prison torture "The wall of impunity surrounding Syrian officials at the highest level can be broken." In both Ger. & Fr. investigations touched on evidence provided by 55K fotos.

  10. | Interim Government Refuses Changing ‘Revolution Flag’

  11. 4 hours ago

    US special representative for Syria engagement James Jeffrey stated the US believes the way forward in includes defeating , hopes to see the formation of a constitutional committee before the end of the year

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  13. 10 hours ago

    - chiefs have sent a powered hunter killer submarine to the eastern to ramp up pressure on : ℹ The sub has been drafted to keep an eye on the fleet of ⚓ and missile ships off

  14. Urges Russia Help Free Journalist Held in

  15. 15 hours ago

    State Department believes missing journalist is alive in : report

  16. 17 hours ago

    Thousands of children from who missed out on years of vital learning are being helped back into in and : v/ v/

  17. 18 hours ago

    need a laugh? Read this 2015 "expert" analysis by NYU "professor" Mark Galeotti who claimed would never intervene in & that Assad was a spent force. How many people still depend on Business Insider & "professors" for news & info?

  18. Nov 14

    , Jordan blamed for refugee camp crisis

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