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  2. 4 minutes ago

    Our volunteer Usama is sharing a number of recommendations to improve youth work in the field of 'integration: "Training should be offered to volunteers throughout the whole experience, needs change and new skills might emerge" .

  3. 30 minutes ago

    Young, Aware, Active - young locals and young across are working TOGETHER towards a just, peaceful and diverse Europe for everyone.

  4. 53 seconds ago

    My Europe is colourful and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I believe in a diverse and just that upholds the of everyone. Together with young and locals across Europe I will remain aware and active. We are !

  5. 30 minutes ago

    Are there really so many people who think badly of or am I just attracting the few? Even after I say that I work for the Red Cross, they don’t stop & even try to convince me of their opinion! Nobody leaves their homes, countries & loved ones if they had another choice!

  6. 27 minutes ago

    Europe was built on the values of and solidarity, young locals and young are standing for these values, against hate and extremism, acting together to build inclusive and diverse communities, and proving that inclusion works.

  7. 15 minutes ago

    “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” - UDHR Art.1. Young locals and across Europe are coming together to build a diverse and inclusive that upholds the human rights of everyone. Join the conversation today by tweeting

  8. 7 minutes ago

    Having friends going through this distressing process in Europe, I'm very grateful for researchers like who strive to share knowledge and awareness of refugees.

  9. 50 minutes ago

    “Our Lady knows the suffering of . In prayer, let us ask her to be close to these brothers and sisters of ours... Mary, mother of refugees, pray for us.” Pope Francis

  10. 34 minutes ago

    The first mention of of today’s by HE Julius Maada Bio, President of Sierra Leone, in the context of irregular migration.

  11. “Fierce criticism (of ) for promoting as tourist destination..despite hundreds of thousands of () fleeing human rights abuses the UN says amounts to genocide.” via . Even a hashtag was created

  12. 13 minutes ago

    We're Aware and Actice. Young locals and young across raise thier voice for . We are

  13. 17 minutes ago
  14. 25 minutes ago

    On we want to remind decision-makers that young locals and are already working together to build inclusive and diverse communities. If we can do it, why can’t you?

  15. 38 minutes ago

    Have you ever missed the taste of home? In Serbia, Oxfam is working with and to bring healthy, homely meals to and .

  16. 39 minutes ago

    has proved herself to be a real as she sheltered d who fled to Bangladesh to escape persecution & genocide by She also deserve tnx as she announced that she would share food of 16Cr people wth

  17. 23 hours ago
  18. Dec 8

    Mums 4 Refugees are having a garage sale at 44 Macauley St, to raise money to help . Plenty of children's books & toys and gifts. Support the mums doing their bit to help refugees

  19. Dec 8

    FM Peter announced that won't sign the 's Global Compact on too, because it's dangerous and encourages more . "We are facing is an illegal migrant crisis rather than a refugee crisis," he added.

  20. Dec 8

    This is the home of refugee children ...

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