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    I suggest you stop smoking that # weed it obviously is bad for you and boring me 😂😂

  2. A former bouncer from Moldova fashioned himself into a far-right, openly racist ethno-nationalist Israeli Defense minister. Like and the Saudis, he's into head chopping...

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    The ministry of Interior announced that counter- units operating within the ministry's intelligence and investigations agency on Wednesday arrested 3 suspected members of with weapons and ammunition in their position in , southwest of "Kirkuk.

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    According to logic should be given to and and should be given to to stop killing. being a celebrity does't mean u r genius.

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    If Hillary Clinton runs the country now, u will see practicing what’s called “Freedom of Terrorism” around the world!

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  8. {{Marcum-Walsh, who says the last thing he had heard about Long before the shooting was that he had gotten married, fathered a child, moved to Hawaii and then gotten divorced...}} There it is: a divorce and loss of custody of a child drove him to .

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    The Killing Father boob lux ?!

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    For me it is inexplicable why is ignoring the fact that there are at least 2 powerful pro groups in . Hamas should start a war against pro groups in Gaza before its too late!

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    Everybody Retweet This Plz. Chomsky on . He knows Erdogan is a Jihadi POS just like his Minions.

  12. Then, Friday at 1.30, I will present work on fire, symbolism and affect from my Fellowship project, alongside PhD student who will present on IS and the Kurds

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    It’s sick and strange, but then again so are the uh great people of that love to commit genocide of the Greek Jews by provoking overdoses and having parties specifically timing impeccable for when grown folks trying to do something in life refill their prescriptions.

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    Extremism may affect in future & Other groups may try to Impede progress & the Still Remote (1325-1375 feet diameter) threat?

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    Iraqi PM orders security forces to rapidly address deteriorating security situation caused by cells.

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    When it Comes to Fighting , President , Trust Your Allies in Congress

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    The hidden toll of American drones in Yemen: Civilian deaths - Sentinel Colorado

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