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  1. A compulsory read How did get its weapons? Europe wants to limit its arms sales to the U.S. and Saudi Arabia because guns went to militant groups in . By

  2. A man facing trial in Lebanon said he wanted to move to Toronto to be with his Canadian wife but was denied a visa — so the family went to Syria and joined ISIS instead:

  3. Nov 8

    {{ Long married in 2009 but filed for divorce jointly with his wife in May 2013 in Ventura County, according to court records.}} He divorced around the same time that he was discharged from the Marine Corps. And by middle 2016, had control of him.

  4. 5 hours ago

    US special representative for Syria engagement James Jeffrey stated the US believes the way forward in includes defeating , hopes to see the formation of a constitutional committee before the end of the year

  5. 23 hours ago

    US-backed offensive against to resume after pause

  6. : Militant Executed for Killing Security Personnel

  7. New Government Plans to Uproot Extremists- Kubis

  8. Nov 13

    A survivor of two suicide attacks, SP Tahir Khan Dawar, who went missing from Islamabad, , brutally killed in Nangarhar , How would the authorities explain it bcoz they have been denying presence in Pakistan!?

  9. Nov 13

    Around 6$ Million have been stolen by floods in !! According to Ali Alaaq the incident happened during 2014 when was in War against in many areas in Iraq for that reason it has never been exposed to the public. Corruption at its finest.

  10. Nov 13
  11. Nov 12

    My new footage on the last stronghold of embedded with on the ground during . Voice: Producer: Local fixer: Perwer Muhammad Ali

  12. Nov 12

    I am surprised by the fact that is giving voice and power to a terrorist whose extreme views are bound to influence his readers in mostly negative and unpredictable ways! I don't recall reading what the leaders had to say..

  13. Nov 10

    British pensioners targeted in by extremists raising funds for

  14. Nov 10

    I guess it's a simple scheme for supplying of IS “captures” some US soldiers US deals with IS for swap IS captures territories with oil fields where “finds” weapons US supplies food and medicine to IS IS sells oil to US for “democratic” price

  15. Nov 9

    ***** DISTURBING FOOTAGE ***** A man known to Australian police & intelligence, carried out an attack in . One bystander has been killed, in what is being treated as . have claimed responsibility.

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  16. Nov 9

    rescuers counter coalition claim of “precise war” on . Tell that “thousands” of civilians died

  17. Nov 9

    17 Druze hostages held by since July returned home today. According to a local media, two children were killed trying to escape the jihadists. Two hostages had been executed earlier

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