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  1. 8 hours ago

    military convoy was spotted in heading to oil-rich area recently captured by from . The US doesn't take chances when it comes to oil.

  2. 9 hours ago

    'Heads down, hands behind the back!' busts underground network raising money for

  3. 18 hours ago

    Turkish warplanes bombed points where self-defense fighters keep watch against in region of south , northern Iraq. The attack martyred 4 members of self-defense units . Murderer Erdogan, Martyrs are immortal chant the people of Makhmur after the attack

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  4. 22 hours ago

    Coward aka terrorists abandoned their commander, Abu Ayman al- at the front line who dies alone - surrounded by in ,

  5. Dec 12

    Mosul residents celebrate 1 year since victory over

  6. Dec 10

    Despite im not good speaker but at I questioned about double standard over human rights issues.compared ’s and regime’s same number of executions. watch the ANSWER 😳 Is here anyone to answer me?

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  7. Dec 10

    Congratulations to Nadia Murad Basee! I am so proud of . She’s a true symbol of courage and strength for all victims of ISIS, and she’s an inspiration for all of us that work on the genocide.

  8. Dec 9

    Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary victory over in . This is town Madina in the rich oil city of Basra that was renamed martyr town, without them victory would have been impossible. Heading to cemetery to celebrate victory with the real life heroes now.

  9. Dec 8

    : ? It's a NO! is a former bankster. They own the . It's the same elite who is behind that pact. Creates chaos which they love. #

  10. Dec 6

    This woman is from in eastern , gave birth to a child in the desert while fleeing from

  11. Dec 6

    survived attack on her home village in . At the age of 8,she was taken to ,one of facilities in and there she began a new life. In 2012, she joined Afg Nat Institute of Music & is now a violinist of .

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