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  2. 22 minutes ago

    Just read it carefully, very interesting insights into implementation in operations. Perhaps useful input for the training cases

  3. 20 hours ago

    What do we mean by 'ethical innovation'? How do ethical tensions play out in innovation, and what impact does that have on people affected by crises? Our Programme Manager, Anna, delves into how can be more responsible:

  4. Linking up and efforts in ! a high-level delegation is visiting Libya to emphasize support to , and urgent assistance towards sustainable development and the achievement of .

  5. 11 minutes ago

    aid covers and and also the psychological aspects of affected people and responders. 's volunteer Dr Azlinawati Nikmat conducted a 2-day Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training for Aid Istanbul on how to handle strained situations.

  6. 15 minutes ago

    Put this in your diary & share - not to be missed - massive way to start 2019. "Digital Humans in Health & Care" - a global webinar with , ,

  7. 42 minutes ago

    Here is a video of me introducing freestyle football skills to the Rohingya refugees and rewiring their mental fabric on the ways of using football for positive impact individually and globally.

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  8. 47 minutes ago

    The of the report is out now! Curious about the humanitarian needs over the past three years? Read the report and claim your free spot for the debate at the on December 20 by emailing

  9. 🇩🇰 is among the few countries that provide 0.7% of our GNI to global and assistance. In 2019, we plan to allocate more funds to humanitarian action than ever before, including through . In 2019, we will contribute more than $20 mio. to the fund! – at ECOSOC Chamber, United Nations Conference Building

  10. 2 hours ago

    "We are all completely terrified by how big data can be used to violate , but most of us don’t have the skills and understanding required to deal with it." What does the future hold for work?

  11. 17 hours ago

    No word I can use to describe ←LOL worst thing imaginable's an Absolutely&Infinite Sadism Warp ←LOL

  12. We are thrilled that our dear friend and partner, Dr. Mukwege of Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as he accepts the Nobel Peace Prize today alongside humanitarian, Nadia Murad.

  13. 4 hours ago

    Dogra group of companies has taken noble initiative to sponsor education of master satish and sirish wards of one of our deceased driver. Dogra group provides best of the opportunity and support to fulfil their dreams.

  14. Dec 7

    Achieving peace, reopening of schools & increasing assistance in northern & central regions - excellent discussions w/ Mr. Hamadoun Konaté, Minister of Solidarity & Humanitarian Action of

  15. Dec 6

    Thrilled to announce my Scholar Award! So looking forward to learning from colleagues at about civil-military coordination.

  16. 6 hours ago

    Glad to be at the launch of the revised Sphere Handbook 2018 in Bangkok. Improving action and practice by Thank you for hosting.

  17. Dec 9

    Human rights don't just exist in theory or on paper-they come to life in all of us. Today on Human Rights Day, it’s more important than ever that we seize, defend & promote them.

  18. Dec 5

    The State of the System 2018 is now live. Follow the link for the full report, summary, key insights and more :

  19. 24 hours ago

    You wanna get a loan, pay off your credit card debts, pay for college, want some lil help about your financial situation. You can dm, follow and retweet... Giving hands go higher...

  20. 3 hours ago

    Mitigating risks of abuse of power in . Much needed conversation in Nairobi btw agencies, service providers, regulators and donors. Aid recipients should be treated the same as usual clients.

  21. 14 hours ago

    Sadeghi peaceful human rights advocate in need of medical release to receive cancer treatment denied by prison officials in . Iraee unjustly imprisoned for writing a story never published on stoning.

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