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  1. : Michael Rafferty, who along with Terri-Lynne McClintic murdered eight-year-old Tori Stafford in 2009, has been moved out of maximum security prison.

  2. 6 hours ago

    In response to a Chronicle investigation, the Texas prison system is going to start 3D printing dentures for inmates. And, remember that guy from the first story I did? Now he has teeth.

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  3. 3 hours ago

    : NRA-linked alleged Russian agent agrees to plead guilty to conspiracy: report

  4. Dec 1

    : Trump only world leader at G-20 to not sign statement supporting commitment to fighting climate change

  5. : Starz has shut down production on after the tragic death of a crew member

  6. 2 hours ago
  7. 1 hour ago

    An insane amount of people turned out to vote in the midterm elections - CNNPolitics , see more

  8. 14 hours ago

    : 5 children killed in Youngstown house fire. Victims range in age from 1-9, including 1-year-old twins:

  9. Dec 6

    I-5 through the Grapevine Pass is being shut down in both directions due to heavy snow

  10. : Police say a man leading a car chase tried to ram a patrol vehicle, prompting officers to open fire, then crashed his Jeep into a nearby hillside before finally being taken into custody.

  11. 30 minutes ago

    AKAO Abuzz, PRVB On High Pulse, Mark Your Calendar For INNT

  12. Dec 4

    Mortgage Overcharging and Mis-selling in the UK is being brought to the forefront in this FT article, featuring our CEO Rob Cooper. The ME group are helping the most financially vulnerable seek compensation trough the use of LegalTech

  13. Dec 9
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  15. Dec 5
  16. Dec 9

    : A child was killed tonight in Revere after being struck by a car while walking along Route 145. A woman and an infant suffered life-threatening injuries.

  17. UPDATE: Firefighters are finally getting a handle on a blaze that ripped through a Sylmar strip mall and caused two roof collapses.

  18. 8 hours ago

    : Ethics watchdog sues FBI over leaks to Giuliani

  19. 10 hours ago

    : Documents suggest prosecutors reached plea deal with NRA-linked alleged Russian agent

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