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  2. Dec 6

    Is using Sean Penn again, a film? - Previous work by Sean Penn linked him to favoring leftist governments and with causes affiliated to MB in the region; supported Argentina and not England over the Falkland Islands.

  3. 33 minutes ago
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    Look who's there to defend & PIL lobby - ! There's a a Farookh, a AbdulRazzack ! Then there's a dead KKK ! Look at their heckling. Whoa !

  4. Citing German Intelligence and security sources, a local news outlet said an official report has concluded that German security authorities consider the group as “more dangerous” to ’s democracy, compared to and :

  5. IN-DEPTH: From all that is mentioned, we can touch the influence of in shaping the thoughts of American activist and consequently her declaring her “Jihad” against US President Donald

  6. Dec 12
  7. Dec 7

    denies claims in Egyptian media that it is involved in the protests in France, but expresses solidarity with the protesters

  8. Dec 9
  9. 3 hours ago
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    That is what we are talking about know nothing about It seeks only to destabilize through 's case And seeks to empower the from Arab countries.

  10. We know that Erdogan is a hypocrite liar abuser with no morals at all.

  11. mmmmm... in love with hummingbird? 🤭 Very strange thread 🤔 ... either she is paying him or he is a 😂

  12. 6 hours ago

    Somewhere in D.C. . . . named after a well-known yet deceased proponent of the ideology at home as well as abroad . . . I am sure the would love walking down that way, remembering his buddy Jamal all the while.

  13. Dec 11

    Article In Leading Media Outlet Al-Arabiya Criticizes Palestinian-American Activist , Claiming She Has 'Roots In '

  14. 22 hours ago
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    Really, - whow, Pres. ?! Ansonsten ohne weiteren Kommentar - > And Thak You for Supporting the United ! - Let's roll against Pan-, and , - World's biggest Slavery Danger! - !

  15. Dec 13
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    What an irony that millions of Muslims around the world are against but liberals & the left-wingers in the US and Europe are supporting that terrorist organization.

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    I have publicly expressed pride in her as well, but found her Pro-MuslimBrotherHood attacking my country for no obvious reason but to please her party ( )

  17. Dec 4

    . 'Judges use mass death sentences to signal their commitment to the security of the state and their opposition to the , defendants in the cases. Judicial theatre. higher courts usually choose lengthy prison terms.

  18. Dec 12

    4+1 countries have cut ties with Qatar for its sponsership of the terrorist organisation of the . have made a promise to end all extremists including MB which outraged the Turkey Qatar And the leftist dems.

  19. Dec 12

    Nope I am not a supporter of the Are you Christiane?

  20. Dec 11
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    So your advice to your Indian. ?

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