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  2. "The war in has impacted everything and has not spared the lives of Yemenis and their cultural property, including their rich history, unifying culture and collective memory." Read more about the effects of this conflict on culture:

  3. is among the worst humanitarian crises in the world. UNICEF is one of the most active children's charities providing aid, with response being rapidly scaled to meet children’s needs. Your donation can help:

  4. : led coalition air strike targeted Aldailami air base in the capital , .

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    There is a concerted efforts by the House of , the House of &their regional allies to tell the world,that notwithstanding CP 's role in Jamal's murder,his killing fields & mountains in , that he is too big to fall. This is murder incorporated

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    the syrian boy who drowned trying to escape syria in 2015, talks to Yemeni girl who passed away on Oct 2018 from starvation.

  7. The tragedy playing out on screens is a living horror for millions. The numbers are staggering. But behind the statistics, there are real people for whom every day is a struggle to survive.

  8. The House of Representatives blocks a bill to end US military support for the Saudi-led coalition in :

  9. On Senate floor, decries lack of press coverage on : "Your tax dollars are supporting this war," he said. Senate should debate whether it should aid Saudi Arabia, he says, arguing that "the prerogative to declare war is Congress's."

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    "72" food packs were distributed today by HND's team to internally displaced families in Amanat Al-Asimah governorate, . Today's food distribution is the third project since the beginning of November. Best thx to our donors, Basel Hilft Mit-BAHM

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    Look at these guys These are not Somali children. These are children from the land of Yemen who have been malnourished due to a war of malnutrition. 14 million people in Yemen are threatened with acute malnutrition. Where do you appear to be human rights organizations?

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    Just in: airstrike hits capital Sanaa, at Al Dailami airbase which is located in Sanaa International Airport.

  13. If general Asiri succeeded in fooling MBS about ; or even if Asiri’s officers succeeded in fooling Asiri who by default fooled MBS. This means that MBS might be also fooled by Asiri about the Saudi-UAE war crimes committed in Either he knew, or being fooled!

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    Today is a happy day W helped many babies with milk Join us.plz TRY Thx Helen Thx 15/11/18

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    As dejected I am at this outcome, there's no room to wallow in sadness & despair when half the population in will starve to death if we don't end this war. Contact your lawmakers in the House and Senate, and demand an end to the US' bombardment and starvation of .

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    IMPORTANT message from on Republicans killing the debate on America’s role in the war in . Please share!

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    Don't forget this apologist for all the war crimes committed in .

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    turns into unsafe place because of terrorism of houthis

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    Houthis turn into place which full of weapons

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    situation is so bad because of houthis terrorism

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