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  2. 42 minutes ago
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    Indeed, however, in 2018 Philip May's Capital Group are still cashing in on arms sales to oppressive regimes committing and banking in a tax haven. Can you imagine what the MSM would do if JC was involved in this? He's even criticised for his coat.

  3. Nov 19

    all is this related to the previous strikes? Seems there are multiple reports over the last few days of the 1 horrendous

  4. 14 minutes ago

    Colin Powell admittedly lied us into war

  5. 2 hours ago

    These young people have to pay a hefty fine for protesting convicted war criminals giving speeches in public spaces in . I just contributed to their campaign so that they can pay it. Please consider helping them too.

  6. . & has proved that exposing indian state terrorism & are somehow a punishable offence for activists, while committing crimes & atrocities by a million occupation forces in occupied is not.

  7. Nov 18
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    This woman couldn’t even speak at Rutgers 4 years ago because of her literal but oh how quickly we forget...

  8. Nov 15

    We’re all naïve about war crimes committed in the name of “freedom.” My heart breaks for this family. This is a cold hard look at what we are doing to the rest of the world. Thank you to for highlighting this passage. 🇺🇸

  9. 15 minutes ago

    «We must face the past in order to allow youth to build a conflict-free future»: has a video out to bolster their campaign. Check it out and support them.

  10. Nov 17

    "Gallagher’s platoon describing his behaviour as reckless and bloodthirsty.They said he fired into civilian crowds, gunned down a girl walking along a riverbank & an old man carrying a water jug" via

  11. 13 hours ago
  12. 14 hours ago

    As she should. Israel is committing genocide & repeated acts of war against Palestine & their people. We have invaded countries for less than the horrors Israel has committed. They need to stop stealing people’s land & murdering them.

  13. Nov 16

    The plight of from and declared on them by octogenarian under the watchful eyes of ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ because of violations to our fundamental sovereignty rights. So HELP US GOD!!!

  14. Nov 18
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    You mean one of the main architects of the Iraq War? The war that now we all know she along with others lied us into. She is partially responsible for 3k American Soldier deaths, 500k Iraq deaths and an unstable Middle East. ⁠ ⁠

  15. 3 hours ago
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    I will when they stop doing .

  16. 3 hours ago

    How can our "representatives" continue supporting such barbaric slaughter??!! My heart goes out to the distraught people of , and I will vote to end U.S. support of the Israeli aggressors/occupiers. I hope and work for peace.

  17. Nov 17
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    Willful killing Torture Inhumane treatment Biological experiments Willfully causing great suffering Destruction and appropriation of property Compelling service in hostile forces Denying fair trial Unlawful deportation and transfer Unlawful confinement Taking hostages

  18. Nov 18
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    Bombing, sniping, organ harvesting, land grabbing and barbarous butchery are all now standard norms of democracies which are hailed for it's brutal depopulation techniques by the equally barbarous international community. backed .

  19. Nov 19

    That event again prompted the U.N. to call for a halt to the violence in the region, suggesting attacks on the peacekeepers may be deemed under international law.

  20. 17 hours ago

    "Survivors of Nepal’s civil war have been left in legal limbo, remembering the dead and disappeared."

  21. Nov 18
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    was wanted for a sexual assault crime so minor it has no American equivalent; that ended. should have pardoned him in exchange for his evidence for , like , but tried to make nice with the military.

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