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  1. Nov 17

    A sustainable solution to rising sea levels. Read more:

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  3. Here's a quick snapshot of our current environment in the . Our continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. Read more about how is the foundation of everything does at:

  4. Nov 17

    In a monumental decision, the official policy of the is that life begins at . This could be the beginning of a massive change in policy that can save lives. Join us in supporting this policy.

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    Suspected gunman dead, officer and 3 others in critical condition following shooting at Chicago hospital, reports The Associated Press quoting Police.

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  7. Nov 18

    There were 258 million international in the world during 2017, according to the most recent “International Migration Report” of the , and the is home to 49.8 million of them.

  8. The Bishops of the are inviting Americans to open wide their hearts in order to end racism and heal its effects.

  9. 7 hours ago

    Whenever I see some American city trending, my mind silently says must be some gun violence case. Sad state of affairs in Chicago

  10. Nov 18
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  12. 13 hours ago

    Chicago police say they are responding to a shooting near a Chicago hospital with “reports of multiple victims.”: The Associated Press

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  13. 9 hours ago

    : 2 killed, 2 including policeman critically wounded inshooting incident at hospital in

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  15. Nov 18

    We must work together to do something about inequality in the United States.

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  17. 7 minutes ago

    When you get this application you can rest assured that you can work with almost any type of that are commonly the documents used in .

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  20. 5 hours ago

    Chicago Shooting: Police Officer, Three Killed After Gunman Goes On Rampage in Mercy Hospital

  21. 23 hours ago

    Microclass immobility important part of social reproduction

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