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  2. 43 minutes ago

    Meeting with was one of the highlights of trip for me. After working on commissioned review on it was overwhelming to see this amazing mentor finally. Thanx for giving me a piece of your wisdom as 'Borderlands of mental health.'

  3. Estonia🇪🇪 acknowledges the significant work of the in protection of vulnerable persons & providing relief and solutions to forcibly displaced persons worldwide. We’ll continue to support efforts to alleviate humanitarian crises around the world.

  4. “Four out of every five of those registered so far are women and children.” reports on Cameroonian refugees fleeing violence

  5. As families return to their villages in rural , UNHCR continues to support the most vulnerable families to prepare for the harsh winter. Their needs are immense w/ the majority being women, children & elderlies. provides winter items to bring some warmth & comfort.

  6. Nov 18

    Never believe in you!

  7. 3 hours ago

    Access to for their children is the one thing that all ask for, no matter where - says Volker Türk at launch

  8. 21 hours ago

    ISA Study Abroad - Morocco spent this rainy Monday morning with us at We had a very interesting Q&A session, exchanged ideas, and visited our office! We are so glad to see young interested in 's work, and the situation within region.

  9. Generous support from the for the education of refugees in the Kharaz refugee camp in Somalia and high hopes for the Somali girl in this camp

  10. 2 hours ago

    “The inclusion of and in national mechanisms is essential to uphold their .” Ellen Hansen from

  11. Nov 15

    It's really a catastrophic economic desaster, hence a call for attention.The inflow of refugees, elderly & children, from Cameroun into Mbar and other Villages has become worrisome.The attention of , Fed Govt of Nigeria & Taraba State urgently needed.

  12. Nov 9
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    Every sovereign nation has its own priortize and as a neutral if one should see never brought persecuted Christian refugees issues on their media and also many are left forsaken and left in limbo by UN

  13. Empire of "deterrence": With and cover, push back, deport, imprison and exile (with no citizenship rights) to everywhere but destination in which the refugee sought asylum (and make sure they sign away any capacity to talk about it)

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  14. 1 hour ago

    Excited to see the completion of this inspiring podcast series! Awake at Night via

  15. 9 hours ago
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    The repeated Genocides since 1947, Terrorists TRAINING CAMPS & Nuke Tech THEFT & export to North Korea by Pakistani Army allowed by you uninterrupted??

  16. Nov 16
  17. Japan Emperor has gang stalking Stealing, electric shocks, stalking, jamming The emperor is a criminal.

  18. Nov 13
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    Maybe should interview the United Nation's High Commissioner for Refugees () to find out about real-world refugee emergencies instead of spending time speculating on possible intrigue.

  19. 20 hours ago

    Her houseband said those were his own words. this problem should be between and . these refugees could be send anywhere in the world beside

  20. Nov 13

    The 2018 Omnibus resolution affirms the Global Compact on Refugees & underlines international cooperation in solidarity .

  21. Nov 16

    stop genocide hazara people

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