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  2. 18 hours ago

    (6) At present (late October – early November 2018), General al-Hassan’s units are mostly stationed around Abu Duhur Air Base, close to Idlib. The Tiger Forces are away from the capital Damascus, and in the short term, a takeover does not seem possible.

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  3. 18 hours ago

    (5) This change should not necessarily seem like a takeover at first glance. The world could read pro-regime outlets congratulating General Suheil al-Hassan for his new role as the chief of the Syrian Arab Army, or even defense minister.

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  4. 18 hours ago

    (1) Russia’s political design for Syria needs to promote the Syrian Arab Armed Forces (SAAF) as a strong pivot to rely on during the forthcoming political process. ,

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  5. 18 hours ago

    (3) Moscow will try to transform the SAAF into a magnet to rein in paramilitary formations. This ambitious goal requires energetic leadership, charisma in the eyes of the Alawite-dominant officer corps, and pro-Russian attitude.

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  6. Nov 14

    'Rise of the 'Nimr': Russian-backed General Suheil al-Hassan and the Syrian Arab Army, read latest for the next reshuffle in the Syrian high command by EDAM’s Defense Analyst Can Kasapoğlu!

  7. Nov 7
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    With such an attitude i would guess he is more a cub than a cat.

  8. 18 hours ago

    (7) However, as the situation in Idlib unfolds, any changes in the Tiger Forces’ deployment patterns should be carefully monitored. Read more details on

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  9. 18 hours ago

    (2) In case the current paramilitary landscape of the civil war-torn country becomes more prevalent and permanent, it would be Tehran, not Moscow, that will be the dominant force in Syria in the long-term.

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  10. 20 hours ago

    Suriye Arap Silahlı Kuvvetleri'nin geleceği, Rusya - İran rekabeti ve General Suheil al-Hassan: EDAM Savunma Analisti Dr. Can Kasapoğlu'nun detaylı raporu için, , ,

  11. 21 hours ago

    Russian state capacity building agenda versus Iran's aim to institutionalize militancy in Syria: Moscow's best bet for security sector reform in Syria, read by EDAM Defense Analyst Dr. Can Kasapoğlu.

  12. 23 hours ago

    The Soviet Red Army Legacy and the Future of the Syrian Arab Army: Russia Puts its Chips on General Suheil al-Hassan by Edam's Defense Analyst Dr. Can Kasapoğlu, read , ,

  13. 24 hours ago
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  15. Nov 12

    intelligence member has penetrated deep into town of CS

  16. Nov 9

    combined a special operation killing more than 23 Jaish al-Izza in northern last night At least 7 terrorists were hunted down by snipers This is the deadliest assault against jihadists considered by SAA in the last 6 months

  17. Nov 9

    📸 eliminated by under the guidance of SOF during hostage rescue operation in

  18. The regime is demobilizing loyalist militias as violent activity in continues to decline compared with 2017. Even the elite are facing downsizing. ACLED's maps out one aspect of the trend here:

  19. The are an elite fighting unit that's proven to be one of the most adept loyalist militias in . So why is the regime downsizing the force & diminishing its role? ACLED's profiles the group here:

  20. The regime is forcibly demobilizing or dismantling many local loyalist militias in an effort to reassert its authority over the security sector in . Are the - one of the most effective militias - succumbing to this trend?

  21. Nov 4

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