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  2. 21 hours ago

    In Ireland we love the idea of community and safe and beautiful places to live. And they exist throughout Ireland. pays tribute to these places - and shows how fragile Rural Ireland really is - and how we will truly regret it if we let the Sean Pobal go.

  3. 20 hours ago

    Just tuned into on and it’s a real eye opener for those who maybe haven’t witnessed rural decline first hand. Tune in if you can.

  4. 20 hours ago

    Comhghairdeas . So important that someone draws attention to the slow loss of rural life.successive governments have supervised the gradual decline of small towns and villages and their services .is this to continue until nobody is left outside the cities?

  5. 24 hours ago

    "The village is dying on it's knees.... We have been left out. We're forgotten." anocht 21.30.

  6. 21 hours ago

    Loving and it’s beautiful portrait of rural Ireland and it’s people.

  7. So much community spirit in both villages on tonight but ultimately communities need services like schools , post offices & Garda stations to survive

  8. 20 hours ago

    . The "Grand Granny Flat" programme could be followed by a "Rural Re-visioning" one. Really interesting (fíorspéisiúil) programme on rural decline now on featuring Kiltyclogher & Ballylongford & their approach to same.

  9. 20 hours ago

    Great program on once again with highlighting the demise of rural areas like Ballylongford , the Dublin based government don’t listen

  10. Nov 7

    Well done . Very tough watch but such an important subject that nobody thinks about. Like all I’ve seen random fights or have been in random fights and we laugh it off in the morning but the consequences can’t be fatal. Those people are scum. Simple as.

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  11. Nov 7

    and what a brilliant documentary tonight with stories we would never have heard of. Heartbreaking for the families who’s stories were told

  12. 20 hours ago

    Tough going looking at the depleted villages in rural Ireland on tonight. So important that people try shop local this Christmas to keep these villages and communities alive!

  13. Nov 7

    "They didn’t put on their uniform and go out to war; they put on their favourite jumper and went out to have a night out intending to come home. But they didn’t come home.” - Rosie Dolan Heartbreaking viewing on the first of our 6 part factual docu-series.

  14. Shocking to see the devastating consequences on families & people from random acts of violence, worth a watch on

  15. Nov 7

    Two years ago I was sucker-punched & kicked & kicked in the head. I permanently lost my sense of taste & smell. That's the starting point for a doc on tonight 9.30 - we tell the stories of some brave people who suffered much consequences from random acts of violence.

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  16. 11 hours ago

    Watched with the wife. Loved it. Keeps one thrilled till the end. Add to that the awesome way music has been integrated into the flow of the plot. both rock. Great work from

  17. 7 hours ago

    Such a stellar movie of 2018....ayushmann khurrana you rocked it, tabu mam is flawless, radhika apte i love u....❤☮🍺 #2018

  18. Nov 10
    Replying to

    . Beauty reloaded.. A thing of beauty is joy forever!

  19. 20 hours ago

    Struggling to watch . Bally is no paradise but it's being framed as if we have and do fuck all. They chose not to air any bit of the hopeful, positive content that they filmed in the time they were here.

  20. Nov 8
  21. Nov 7

    Every parent's fear. Great people on here.

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