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    starring Ajay Devgn, and will release on 15th March 2019. Great decision Team

  3. 10 dec.

    Poll results: Greatest of All Time- Best Actor (current)- Best Actress - Khan of all seasons- King of entertainment- Talented actress- / Talented actor-

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  4. 9 dec.
  5. 9 dec.

    “There was no part of my being that wasn’t being scrutinized. It was awful.” Online bullying - Náire - Dé Céadaoin ag 21.30 ar

  6. 8 dec.

    is in the air! star will be teaming up with & for ’s urban ‘De De Pyaar De’ by &

  7. 8 dec.

    😱 , and Singh... will release on 15 March 2019... An urban romcom directed by Akiv Ali... Produced by T-Series and Luv Films. ❤😘😇

  8. 8 dec.

    releasing on .. mark your calendar and block your dates 😀😀 super excited 😊 ❤️

  9. 8 dec.

    Update: , and starrer will release on 15th March, 2019. The Rom-Com is directed by . Here is the complete list of movies releasing in 2019:

  10. 8 dec.

    starring and will release on 15th March, 2019. The film is an urban romcom directed by and produced by and

  11. 6 dec.

    Very informative documentary on .Well worth checking out on the player.The GAA15 warm up so important to help reduce injuries in teenagers. Delighted to catch stars of the doc in Croke Park on finals day.

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  12. 5 dec.

    Clár iontach ar anocht. My knee was twitching away at me reminding me of my own injury journey. A brilliant insight, comhghairdeas

  13. 5 dec.

    Tonight both my children Evan & Caoimhe we’re part of the documentary on injuries in the words can not express how proud of both I am. I only hope that this documentary raises awareness of the physical & mental effects of such injuries in the thank you to

  14. 5 dec.

    At the age of 25 I had two hip operations to fix a hip impingement and labrum tear. Hip injuries are becoming too common in gaa. I think certain players need to be handled according to there injury history or workload. Sometimes less is more

  15. 5 dec.

    Tonight 9:30PM tune into on - hear GAA players stories

  16. 4 dec.

    The impact Gaelic games can have on a body and what really happens when your body is in conflict with your passion for the game. Ar An Taobhlíne - Dé Céadaoin ag 21.30 ar TG4.

  17. 2 dec.

    Who is the best milf for BJ with a Cleavage Show 👅 🔥

  18. 2 dec.

    A love story like no other to embrace your weekend! today at 1 pm.

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