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  2. Dec 5

    2 Hip Operations at the tender age of 17 is crazy to hear. Something has to change in terms of training to playing ratio.

  3. Dec 3

    Incredible documentary

  4. Dec 5

    Clár iontach ar anocht. My knee was twitching away at me reminding me of my own injury journey. A brilliant insight, comhghairdeas

  5. Dec 5

    At the age of 25 I had two hip operations to fix a hip impingement and labrum tear. Hip injuries are becoming too common in gaa. I think certain players need to be handled according to there injury history or workload. Sometimes less is more

  6. Dec 5

    Tonight both my children Evan & Caoimhe we’re part of the documentary on injuries in the words can not express how proud of both I am. I only hope that this documentary raises awareness of the physical & mental effects of such injuries in the thank you to

  7. Dec 5

    2 hip operations at 17 - Jesus

  8. Dec 5

    "One young hurler is just 17-years-old and over the course of filming received his second hip operation in the hope that he can return to the hurling pitch" anocht 21.30.

  9. Dec 5

    Pretty shocking stuff on I knew GAA has a high rate of ACL injuries but I assumed the program was going to feature adults. Horrendous to see teens having surgery/ quit altogether

  10. Dec 5

    Excellent documentary on on incidence of gaa injuries. As hard and all as the rehab for an is, worst part is watching on at training/games or not being able to go for a kick, vital the and look after players mentally!

  11. Dec 5

    Very informative documentary on .Well worth checking out on the player.The GAA15 warm up so important to help reduce injuries in teenagers. Delighted to catch stars of the doc in Croke Park on finals day.

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  12. Dec 5

    Trying not to get emotional watching on the love of is amazing 💙

  13. Dec 4

    The impact Gaelic games can have on a body and what really happens when your body is in conflict with your passion for the game. Ar An Taobhlíne - Dé Céadaoin ag 21.30 ar TG4.

  14. Dec 8

    releasing on .. mark your calendar and block your dates 😀😀 super excited 😊 ❤️

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  16. Dec 8
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  18. Dec 7

    insight into injuries within the GAA, it's very clear to see that the GAA and it's "die-hards" need to pull the wool from their eyes.

  19. Dec 6

    When Simmba meet Golmaal But Golmaal Again not complete without 😍😍😍 Please make Golmaal Again Again and Again 😂😂😂😂

  20. Dec 5

    Great work on 👌

  21. 1 hour ago

    Poll results: Greatest of All Time- Best Actor (current)- Best Actress - Khan of all seasons- King of entertainment- Talented actress- / Talented actor-

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