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  1. Dec 4

    Writing a custom grass geometry shader. Yep, all of this is from a single shader on a flat plane. So far, so good.

  2. Dec 9

    Pair of Tornados seem to be heading for Akrotiri after Operation mission - no track on ADSB but descending down to 4500' 2304z ZA463 & ZA601

  3. 23 hours ago

    Here's my approach to a snow path shader, not as cool as the one in RDR2 yet. -

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  4. 4 hours ago
  5. 22 hours ago
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  8. 12 hours ago

    Fun with shaders! Plasma lamp . No Spritesheet and only one billboard, yes, ONLY one xD. I used Spherical distortion and mask, noise textures and cubemap. Inspired by Anton Shvetsov.

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  9. 22 hours ago
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  10. Dec 9
  11. Dec 9

    Shader doodle for tonight: a car paint shader where all lighting comes from sampling a cube map at low mips.

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  12. Dec 9

    A rotoscope-like shader thingy inspired by "Take on Me" easter egg from Just Cause 4.

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  13. Dec 8

    Currently reworking my for visualizing normals

  14. Dec 8

    I haven't had much time to work on Crypts of Dasheria lately, but I've updated the environment art and made a fire (and only cried a little which is an accomplishment in itself)!

  15. Dec 8
  16. Dec 7

    After 4 decades valuable service in , last Tornado GR.4s will be retired in Mar. 2019. Read my article about their key role in Op. & against within past 5yrs in Mar2019 issue of .

  17. Dec 6

    One of my first raymarching experiments on shadertoy. Waiting for your feedback. 😀

  18. Dec 6

    Researching and testing 2D shaders to be applied to to make all kind of effects! This is the shine from Kaan Yamanyar & Levent Seckin. If you know other good 2D shaders please share!!

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  19. Dec 6

    I spent most of my lunch break adding post processing effects to this shader, to give it a grotty old CRT feel. Music: Untravel by Rival Consoles Source & live version:

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  20. Dec 5
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