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  1. Dec 9

    “We have been imprisoned for many years in the darkness of detention cells, breathing in and breathing out agony,” “We’re exhausted. We have the right to live and for our story to be taken seriously.”

  2. Dec 1

    Next exemple of 's practice of counter Investigation: audio-architectional reconstruction of the prison near Damaskus. Varvia: Bringing light to the dark.

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  3. Dec 9

    "Nous sommes emprisonnés depuis de nombreuses années dans l'obscurité de geôles, inspirant et expirant l'agonie », «Nous sommes épuisés. Nous avons le droit de vivre et de voir notre histoire prise au sérieux. »

  4. Dec 9

    .: "Layla Shwekani was registered in civil registry department as dead on December 28, 2016, we believe she was executed in military prison in Damascus Suburbs governorate," wrote in a newly released report.

  5. Dec 8

    The Executory(Branch) of organised a shopping festival to celebrate SSNP's . The festival was attendes by representative of the Ba'ath Party, religious and political personalities, and SSNP officials, comrades and a crowd of citizens.

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  6. Dec 8

    Commission of Inquiry on called on Butcher to give explanations for the causes of the death of thousands of detainees in his prisons.

  7. Dec 8
    Replying to

    'To all Free Human Beings who Hear Us. Listen to our Voice. Listen! Just for once...Only once'. Thank You. Strike is to stop 11 men being sent to for execution. 's report come to life, but we know in advance. a more open prison & they got this message out.

  8. Dec 7

    Humanitarian activist Layla Shwekani born in & lived in suburbs, returned to in 2015 and was detained in February 2016 by Butcher henchmen and was executed in military prison in .

  9. Dec 7

    One of the greatest crimes by in still holding so many in central prison for taking part in 2011 peaceful uprising without trial & now sentencing a number to death in calls human slaughterhouse

  10. Dec 6

    SAY MY NAME: Layla Shwekani 's torture chamber...

  11. Human Rights Group Believes -Area Activist Layla was murdered by govt in prison

  12. Dec 3

    2/2 Gemeinsam mit arbeiten wir u.a. zu , in und zum Fabrikbrand bei , einem Zulieferer des deutschen Video:

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  13. Dec 1

    A reconstruction of Saydnaya prison based on the survivors' auditory memories

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