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    says US using white phosphorous bombs in Read more:

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    American journalist Austin Tice, missing in - “We believe he’s still alive,” Amb. James Jeffrey tells Jeffrey won't say if US believes Tice is being held by Assad regime or others

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  4. BREAKING: "We believe he is still alive," Amb Jim Jeffrey, Trump's envoy, says of Austin Tice. Declines to answer if the US knows where he is.

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  5. 🇸🇾 Syrian Arab Army Girl. 🇸🇾

  6. 5 hours ago

    The Trump administration is still adamant on regime change by any means in . Pompeo's special representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, yesterday made that clear.

  7. With the the war in Syria coming to an end, did civilians’ conditions get any better? Is there still a need to make donations? * For online donation:

  8. Support victim and community initiatives that seek justice for victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria and their families.

  9. When people suffer, we cannot remain indifferent". is the sanctuary province for millions of civilians. As the threat of violent attacks in looms over it, we remain vigilant and ready to be there for those trapped civilians.

  10. Syrian Army launches new attack against Daesh to aid Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor

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    The Russians - rightly so - felt duped by that resolution. ’s foreign policy ever since has been crafted in a way to never allow that to happen again. Explains their later conduct in the SC as well as their aggressive preemptive moves from to .

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    For only 50SYP! Now where in the world is bread that cheap except in Syria. And can you imagine that we're in a WAR! too. This is all provided by the Syrian government. This is 🇸🇾

  13. Meeting Syrian politicians and members in Istanbul. Reaffirmed UK’s commitment to a UN-led political process for a lasting, peaceful, inclusive settlement to conflict.

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  14. 14 minutes ago

    1) 3 gas stations have been rehabilitated in Nawa with the Kabour gas station (pictured) currently under repair 2) Rehabilitation work continuing to the electrical network and the installation of towers in Nawa 3)Removal of dirt barriers in the streets of Sanamayn

  15. US special envoy to : getting Iranian forces out of Syria is not US military goal but should be outcome of process to end the civil war & only way to achieve lasting peace. The newly reinstated US sanctions against Iran will encourage it to scale back its presence in Syria

  16. 4 hours ago

    Policy dimensions inform donors how far they can engage on them. Our research findings gave donors a more granular understanding on the ground in

  17. 6 hours ago

    'Rise of the 'Nimr': Russian-backed General Suheil al-Hassan and the Syrian Arab Army, read latest for the next reshuffle in the Syrian high command by EDAM’s Defense Analyst Can Kasapoğlu!

  18. 9 hours ago

    The Assad regime forces stationed at al-Bazam hills, shelled heavy artillery targeting the town of Morek, North countryside Hama.

  19. 9 hours ago

    PYD YPG leaders have repeatedly expressed that they recognise jailed leader of the PKK Terrorist Ocalan as their leader, officiating their political position under the PKK. As a clear evidence of links between PKK & YPG, an Ocalan poster is seen in YPG-controlled areas in

  20. 52 minutes ago

    Glad to be at 's launch of "Centralization and Decentralization in : The Concept and Practice." Very important research with significance for local governance!

  21. Completely bizarre revisionism is seemingly the new in-thing when addressing the conflict & how it evolved over the yrs. Some if it is clearly driven by pre-existing political agenda; and some of it is written by people who know nothing of the conflict, beyond top lines.

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