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  1. Dec 6
  2. 6 hours ago

    's New 5th Generation Advance Multirole Stealth Fighter Jet Ruling The Skies Over . The Released New Footage.

  3. Dec 6
  4. 8 hours ago
  5. 17 hours ago
  6. 18 hours ago

    Russia's fifth generation jet, the Su-57, tested a brand new countermeasure system when it deployed to Syria this year. My exclusive analysis for (with thanks to for his expertise)

  7. 23 hours ago

    MoD released new footage of fighter flights over 📸 Waiting for testing new weapons on terrorists

  8. Dec 8

    The fighter just pulled off a massive flex that 's and 's aren't anywhere close to matching 35 F-35 out of hundreds took place in one exercise.

  9. Dec 8
  10. Dec 8

    says its stealth fighter will be armed with deadly that can defeat all US defenses -- The Tass report also said " are practically impossible to detect with modern air defense systems."

  11. Dec 8

    : będzie uzbrojony w rakiety, których nikt nie zatrzyma?

  12. Dec 7
  13. Dec 7

    Rosyjskie myśliwce będą uzbrojone w pociski hipersoniczne.

  14. Dec 7

    -Kampfjet, ’s erster selbst gebauter -Kampfjet der 5. Generation, wird mit Luft-/Bodenraketen ausgerüstet, deren Eigenschaften denen der („“) ähneln, einer luftgestützten ballistischen Rakete ().

  15. Dec 6

    : : ’s fifth-generation fighter will be equipped with similar to that of the WarHead-capable missiles, that have a range of 2.000km: -> via

  16. Dec 4
  17. Dec 4

    Amerykański magazyn skrytykował rosyjskie myśliwce piątej generacji .

  18. Dec 2

    戦闘機のノズルってすごいんだな(にわか) image1,2: image3,4:

  19. Dec 1

    is increasingly intensifying its presence in . Already put in advance air defense systems for regime. Continues to fly in Syrian airspace. It’s time for us to make their presence very costly.

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