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  1. 1 hour ago

    The U.S. special rep.for Syria engagement: fight against in its last foothold in northeastern led by will end within months, but American forces will remain to ensure that the militant group doesn’t come back in sleeper cells or as an insurgent movement.

  2. Nov 11

    A Kurdish-led force backed by a US-led anti-jihadist coalition says it is resuming its offensive against the Islamic State group in eastern Syria

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  3. 2 hours ago

    Let’s keep winning and the smile stay on my face.

  4. Nov 9

    After the series of meetings between officials and commanders, US warplanes flew sorties over Kobani and Til Abyad at 11 am today. It’s a clear message to Erdogan to keep his thugs away.

  5. 1 hour ago

    Russia every time is provoking Turkey with claiming "US plan" to establish a statelet northern in order to put pressure on to be close to Assad regime and also to exacerbate US-Turkey relationship.

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  7. Nov 13

    Latest Podcast is Out: DFSP # 143 – Tips from the Trenches also, check out the DFIR gear store

  8. 19 hours ago

    Puts a smile on my dial! ISIS beng effectively tagreted in their remaining pocket of Hajin. I feel bad for their children being killed, however I also know that the 10 yr olds they've conscripted, are fully indoctrinated like the Hitler Youth! Tough for too. Bloody Daesh!

  9. 19 hours ago
  10. Nov 9
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    Exactly. They refuse and expect to handle thousands of long term prisoners.

  11. Nov 13
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    It's important to remember that Syrian Kurds & their allies want autonomy in a federal Syria. That's all. If Assad would agree to it, he would get another 60k+ soldiers from the and get access to the oil & gas fields in eastern Syria. Win-win for everyone.

  12. 6 hours ago

    The is accused of policing policies that victimize non- communities. In , is hoping outrage against the SDF will work to its advantage and delegitimize counter-intel operations against it in . investigates.

  13. 8 hours ago

    Anyone have any good podcast recos? I’ve been on the tarmac at for over 90 minutes

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  15. Nov 11

    Sounds like the has restarted it's offensive operation in the Easter ERV. Statement to public opinion

  16. Nov 5

    Truth has no agenda. There is no proof that Arab female join terror gangs like first those terrorist occupied their land. And what terrorist doing with Arabs. Killing their children and leaders"You know V wall" thanks God that Arabs see their dirk face!!!

  17. Nov 13

    conducted raids in Arishah and Shaddadi after armed attacks of terrorists near Al-Hasakah city

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  19. 18 hours ago
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    I bet. Any info about use of drone tech?

  20. 9 hours ago

    If you want to know how sick daesh filth is. On this pic you see some of the mined mortars removed from an elementary school in Abu Hamam, East Deir Ezzor. If children would have picked up the mortars, mines would have exploded. They also planted single mines.

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  21. 13 hours ago

    member Nader al-Falah was gunned down in Tayyani. Another person is wounded SE via

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