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  2. crown prince exonerated in murder: prosecutor

  3. FM at press conf: Khashoggi case is being handled by judicial institutions; perpetrators will be held accountable; measures to be taken to ensure something like this never happens again; kingdom rejects politicization of case or interference in its domestic affairs.

  4. 11 hours ago

    🇸🇦 Public Prosecution office says they will demand the death penalty for 5 individuals who, according to their investigations show, have either ordered or implemented the killing of The Saudi official refused to disclose any of the names

  5. 51 seconds ago

    Despite ruling with an iron fist and cracking down on dissenting voices in , the regime still fears the courage & determination of Qatifi population. The regime's brutal repression has failed to crush the spirit of this people that continues to fight for its rights.

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  6. 38 minutes ago
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    Now what makes you think you have better investigative skills than public prosecutor and more integrity than John Bolton. Ur tweets suggest deep rooted megalomania.

  7. 14 hours ago

    It turns out I'd you sell weapons to ISIS' biggest funder (), some of those weapons end up with ISIS! Who would have thought it?! It is almost as if selling weapons to Saudi is a huge risk to our security. Perhaps we should ?

  8. 7 hours ago

    .@SenRandPaul says regime spreads hatred and violence around the world

  9. BREAKING: FM Jubeir on : •Turkey rejected 3 Saudi requests to hand in evidence •Against “internationalizing” the Investigation •Politicizing case is dividing Muslim ranks, Saudi trying to unify •Ministerial committee oversees restructuring of intel.

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  10. 12 hours ago

    says he's gotten shocked reactions to an audio tape of the journalist’s final moments as he presses world leaders to hold the kingdom accountable for its alleged role in the killing

  11. 1 hour ago

    Higher revenue boosts Q3 profit of medical services provider, Mouwasat

  12. 10 hours ago

    In his presser, Deputy public prosecutor/spokesman Shaalan al-Shaalan confirmed that saudq1978 Saud Qahtani, accused of conducting 's interrogation & murder in the 🇸🇦 consulate via Skype, is also under investigation and is banned from travelling.

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  13. 19 minutes ago
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    dont talk as if nationals are poor innocent little angels

  14. 1 hour ago

    Arabia’s market ended its two-day losing streak, closing the week in positive territory on Thursday

  15. 10 hours ago

    DEVELOPING: ’s public prosecutor seeks death penalty for five out of 11 suspects charged in the murder of journalist . Read more:

  16. 29 minutes ago

    authorities are the prime example of hypocrisy. They attack the free press, then they buy networks like to boost their image. They kiss ass and pretend they cooperating in English statements then they sing a different tone in Arabic.

  17. Prosecution Seeks Death Penalty for 5 People in Khashoggi Case

  18. Statement by reinforcing Treasury Sanctions on 17 individuals , says US will continue to work with other nations on issue to hold those responsible accountable

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  19. Just as i said yesterday the monarchy just announced the charging of 11 people in the murder of including 5 it is seeking the death penalty for.

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  20. : public prosecutor rules Crown Prince bin Salman cleared of wrongdoing in killing

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