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  1. Handsome Syrian soldiers and their beautiful wives.

  2. Nov 10

    In response to yesterday's raid of on a position of Jaish Izza. Special forces of "Red Unit" formed by Malhama Tactical launched a night raid against a fortified camp. According to MT leader 18 soldiers killed including 7 officers.

  3. wedding held in Latakia ... congratulations 🇸🇾

  4. Nov 5

    Photos of forces in the desert area of Al-Safa near to support the forces in the ongoing offensive against IS militants for several months. Pictures:

  5. Nov 10

    Russian military advisers in offensive vs

  6. Nov 10

    📸 units discovered several long-range missiles left by in province

  7. Al & E volcano 🌋 sent more reinforcement to finish cancers at here did heavy bombardment this morning Not confirmed but about 1,500 extremes fighters are holed here since mid August 2018

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  8. & other ally killed lots of terrorist in & NE > / where they kidnappers were released yesterday! Al

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  9. Nov 9

    📸 eliminated by under the guidance of SOF during hostage rescue operation in

  10. Nov 5

    : the () sent hundreds of fresh forces and more military equipment to SE'tern on the Western banks of the River to reinvigorate its combat capabilities to counter ISIL terrorists

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  11. 14 hours ago

    1000s of junior staff may lose their jobs due to corrupt yet no investigation by ??

  12. 3 hours ago

    Where is the so called resistance axis of when is being brutally attacked by the zionist? Why do they only take up arms when it is to fight ?

  13. Nov 4

    needs to be closed down. Can't continue pouring money into a wasted venture. We need the money. 15 bailouts in 10 years?

  14. Nov 9

    said to consider share sale for cash:

  15. 3 hours ago

    Part of Turnaround.Strategy is to hire Foreign Consulates with a hefty Price Tag, when same can be sourced locally.. + Y pay 50 Pilots & Airline crew for doing nothing..At this rate, will remain grounded for ever. This calls for immediate Treasury intervention

  16. Nov 5

    Staff have asked Gorhan to say it clearly that the airline will not be privatized.

  17. Nov 9

    Probably because your way is directly crossing through Al-Seen Military Airbase and a mountainous area :-)

  18. Nov 9

    niece Ketso Gordhan is a director at J&J group which leases planes to .He forced Dudu Myeni to continue leasing instead of buying planes for SAA.

  19. 18 hours ago
    Replying to

    Just strange that the "User pays" principle is only for cars and not .🙉🙈🙊🌿

  20. Nov 10

    My favourite and N° 1 of Africa.

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