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  2. Funded by , Médecins du Monde is improving the lives of up to 315,000 refugees & vulnerable Lebanese in the Bekaa Valley. MdM is providing access to primary health care services, including sexual health, family planning, & support.

  3. 13 hours ago

    The inevitable culmination of the 's recruitment efforts. Some poor is gonna get merk'd and then some 19 year old is gonna do the floss over their corpse.

  4. 10 hours ago

    The Terrorist Who Destroyed Not only a City but Also a Country's Rich History and Diversity through their Divide and Rule and through Starve Siege Surrender Tactics Warning : Graphic Footage Viewers Discretion is Adviced The are the Bravest on the Planet

  5. 3 hours ago

    A Journalist asked a girl to smile for a click...and she smiled with all the pain in her eyes.

  6. Dec 8

    A Restaurant is Posting Before and After Photos of and Its Heartbreaking.

  7. 6 minutes ago

    Greece seizes big drugs haul from freighter sailing for

  8. Dec 8

    refugee girl returns home with first prosthetic limbs

  9. 4 hours ago

    We hope that women who have been part of protests, activism and community organizing have equal and effective participation in the Constitutional Committee for the future of via

  10. “The state is using anti-terrorism law to seize opponents' property, rights activists revealed“

  11. Dec 12

    A tent for a forcibly displaced person in the area in the north, like many other tents in the area, some of which have been in the heat and winter for three years. The number of camps in the Azzaz area alone is more than 25 camps, both random and regular

  12. 2 hours ago

    'There is a State called that deserves respect from all. That is the main issue.' UN Rep to yesterday. NO Mr. Jaafari the MAIN ISSUE is that the people HAVE RESPECT & LOVE from all the World except their OWN STATE. But we will PROTECT THEM from you!!

  13. Dec 11

    Canada is contributing to ’s “No Lost Generation” initiative, to improve access to education and protection for vulnerable Lebanese and refugee children. 📚

  14. 36 minutes ago

    capture from • US accuses Government of false-flag attack • parties discuss formation It's been a busy week in Iraq & Syria. Read our weekly digests to find out more: : :

  15. Dec 12

    2018 may be coming to a close, but the trying situation of our family is far from over. Our team is on the ground! With our local partners, we will place your Zakat in the hands of those that need it most! All donations are tax deductible.

  16. Dec 8

    Global campaign to free detainees

  17. 9 hours ago

    : Since July 18th, 63797 refugees, displaced by the terrorists, have returned home from and .

  18. The resilience of the people, they all stand in defence of Syria, & all come together, man, woman, young and old to rebuild .

  19. 22 hours ago

    's playing the drums of war in N/E . and the , busy fighting , are on high alert. intrepidly took a trip along the - border and conflict yet. You should read his essential dispatch.

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