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  1. On we stand united in our determination to protect & to promote the rights of the 'n & all the world's children. We affirm that we are continuing our mission to do everything we can in order to make sure these rights are respected & ensured for every child.

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    A gunshot wound to the head saw lose his eyesight in 2014. Now the 24-year old is helping others like him navigate their smartphones using a screen reader app, which he translated from English into Arabic.

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    play by 's pol prisoners hopes"to bring catharsis to prisoners subjected to torture and enlighten those unaware of what they went through" prison notorious 4abuses,incl1980massacre ofsome 1,000 inmates.Abou Dehn calls 4Help for pol prisoners in Syria &those freed

  5. 🇸🇾 Terrorists in are running short of fighters. They are hiring ankle biters! 🤪😂🤪😂

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  7. Warm congrats to the amazing making it to BBC's 2018 list of 100 inspiring & influential women from around the world Nujeen fled , crossing thousands of miles in her wheelchair. Now she campaigns on behalf of w/ disabilities

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    We urge the UN-facilitated constitution cmtee to include women in the consultation process; need women's discursive in the processes of now.

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    Listening to talking about trauma seeing children in as a peace keeper being blown to bits really brings home the horrific pain children in have suffered under relentless bombardment for 7 yrs given what have witnessed & experienced?

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    Great to see children smiling with millions in traumatised after indiscriminate & relentless bombing by regime for last 7 years and joined by since Sept 2015 (and Coalition case to answer while not anywhere near same scale but still indefensible!)

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    “Mysterious Helicopters” Continue to Evacuate ISIS Militants from Battlefields Across Middle East

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    Horrific "double tap" attack on while rescuing civilians after previous attack - a warcrime of extreme savagery and a reminder of how desperate is to eliminate a group not only saving lives but gathering vast amounts of evidence on its warcrimes

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    Hello my friends Yesterday I had a test in math and Arabic I am very busy🤗🙂

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    The first few tweets were news but what’s the point of taking pics of ppl in a difficult situation again and again. You’re not adding any value here. You’re a journalist. Write a story. Do your job and leave them alone. Even in this situation ppl deserve dignity

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    Pictures from the dinner that the Syrian Social-Nationalist Party's leadership and the Syrian Social-Nationalist bloc in the Lebanese Parliament had with the Ambassadors of and in Lebanon.

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    's General HQ has officially proclaimed the South of completely liberated from . GHQ claimed around 380 sq km of desert have been swept off. The freed areas include Tulul region, as well as Tal Marati, al Qauabir, al Musahat and others.

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    Boasting an chink friendship, having BANNED Demetrios for this, might be dangerous for me in ARMENIA close to

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    Former Cleo magazine hunk dies fighting for in . He became radicalised sometime in 2014, divorced his wife before going to via

  20. A confidential report by Germany's Foreign Ministry deems it unsafe to send people back to according to media outlets. That's interesting because a moratorium on the deportation of Syrians is set to expire in December.

  21. The right of children in , to live in a safe and clean environment free of war and blood like the rest of the children around the world, because there is no sin of it for these children in this conflicts.

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