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  2. vor 6 Stunden

    Erdogan droht den USA: Wenn ihr die "Terroristen" (YPG/SDF) weiter unterstützt, werden wir euch aus Manbidsch vertreiben. Das ist eine klare Kriegsdrohung gegenüber Trump. Wie wird der US-Präsident reagieren?

  3. vor 21 Minuten

    Palestinian Islamic Jihad supporters passing out sweets in Homs, in support of Ashraf Na'alwa and Salah Barghouti.

  4. vor 56 Minuten

    , agree on national currencies' use in transactions, Commerce Chamber says

  5. vor 59 Minuten

    When Marxist Leninist militants in northern Syria swear that they have nothing to do with the designated PKK terror group: In reality they are attempting to indoctrinate a new generation of Syrians into the cult following of PKK founder Ocalan

  6. vor 2 Stunden

    7 civilians were killed, at the hands of Syrian regime forces and Other parties, on Thursday, December 13, 2018, as documented by SNHR...

  7. vor 3 Stunden

    Map of the front of Bayt 'Uqaydat (Hajin pocket), the battle between and in eastern governorate and map excerpt showing details in town. 14.12.2018

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  9. vor 7 Stunden

    This myth needs to ends - is not a "hostile state", they have not attacked or undermined in any way. The establishment are anti-Russia simply because they defeated regime change in .

  10. vor 7 Stunden

    REMEMBER➤❝Ever Been This Hungry For Days❞ Next time you go to bed-REMEMBER-Many children have missed ❝SEVERAL MEALS❞ before bedtime Western Financed Wars, Sieges & Blockades force millions of Children in , , , to sleep the nights with EMPTY STOMACHS

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  11. vor 7 Stunden

    found mass graves near Over 900 corpses are believed to be that were previously imprisoned by from We mourn with ISIS is a black plague and it must be annihilated!

  12. : dispatched a (22 trucks) loaded with 7.200 parcels provided by , to Inkhil , .

  13. vor 8 Stunden

    Der geplante Wiederaufbau |s würde die Vertreibungspolitik des -Regimes zementieren - unsere Pressemitteilung mit Forderungen an Bundesregierung und europäische Regierungen.

  14. vor 9 Stunden

    Chilling about how perceived in the is lack of mass outrage at the tens of thousands forcibly disappeared by the regime, still missing & so many tortured to death in places like prison calls "a human slaughterhouse" and still open

  15. vor 9 Stunden

    In Rukban camp 45,000 people, many of whom are children, are facing freezing temperatures and a critical lack of supplies...

  16. vor 11 Stunden

    : Since July 18th, 63797 refugees, displaced by the terrorists, have returned home from and .

  17. vor 13 Stunden

    Scenes of kids in Santa hats in , ; scenes of violent protests in , . Earlier in 2018, was a main supporter of that could have escalated war in Syria again. Now, he’s dealing with troubles at home.

  18. vor 14 Stunden

    If you claim America is exhibiting "inaction" in 's ongoing war, you don't know what you're talking about (or are an unskillful liar). The US *started* the war.

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  19. vor 15 Stunden

    Terrorists are out and tourists are in. Tourism is resumed in .

  20. Breaking: Intense clashes breakout between Syrian Army, US-backed forces near region

  21. vor 18 Stunden

    Tractors imported from Iran.

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