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  1. Nov 9

    Watch what one of the young girls from who were kidnapped by said after she and the others were freed by the Syrian army. The expression on her father's face when she said she feared she would never see him again 😢 Video via

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  2. Nov 11

    Syrian Army kicks off massive offensive to liberate southern from

  3. Nov 13

    President Bashar al-Assad received on Tuesday the abducted citizens of who were recently liberated by the from which had kidnapped them in last July.

  4. Nov 12

    struggles to hold ground as Syrian troops swarm Al-Safa

  5. 3 hours ago

    Pictures of Syrian President Assad during his visit with families that were held hostage by ISIS terrorists. They were kidnapped from the countryside and freed by a Syrian Arab Army Special Forces raid on the compound they were being held 🇸🇾

  6. Nov 11

    Russian military played crucial role in liberating kidnapped civilians

  7. Nov 9
  8. Nov 9

    (SANA) on November 9, 2018 shows a group of Druze women and children, kidnapped in July in the city of Sweida by the Islamic State group, pose for a photo while they are received by relatives in their hometown in southern province . Source:

  9. Due to Bashar Al Assad's Efforts 17 abducted civilians of are freed by from which had kidnapped them in last July,Bashar Al Assad is Not a Monster he is hero of Syrian peoples,his struggles to keep Syria united will always be remembered in history

  10. 20 hours ago

    meets with relatives of civilians kidnapped by ISIS in . If he needs a conversation starter he could explain that the extremists are just one of their militias.

  11. 20 hours ago

    After freeing the civilians of from , the most brutal ruler of the earth, President Bashar al-Assad forced his people yesterday to carry him like a pharaoh. *Sarcasm

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  12. 21 hours ago

    The families from whose members were kidnapped by ISIS and recently liberated by the Syrian army with President Assad

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  13. Syrian Army storms 's last positions in southern (video)

  14. Nov 13

    Syrian SSNP fighters paying with blood to end the ISIS rampage on the Tallul al Safa mountains in the eastern desert 🇸🇾

  15. Nov 13

    Watch of HATIN' on the man who led the liberation of their wives & daughters from LAST WEEK (bet your national news FORGOT to tell you) Bet they still tell you he a "dictator" and a "monster" right? Just GTHO out of our Arab nations and LEAVE US BE

  16. Nov 13

    : More picture of 's reception of the 19 people liberated by the from . Assad does not kill his people. He saves them.

  17. Nov 13

    President Bashar al Assad receives freed kidnap victims from .

  18. Nov 12

    good evening suth of at 1933

  19. Nov 10

    al Badia - Al Safa hills 1st Division / First Division 🇸🇾

  20. Nov 10

    al Badia - Al Safa hills - We are men who wrote our oaths by our blood to protect the homeland with our souls. The Special Forces 🇸🇾

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