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  1. 6 hours ago

    IS pushes back regime and reversed the minor advances the regimes mercenaries made during the past days. Regime almost lost more troops here than when they took entire Rif Dimashq or Hama from the "rebels".

  2. Nov 5

    Photos of forces in the desert area of Al-Safa near to support the forces in the ongoing offensive against IS militants for several months. Pictures:

  3. Nov 9

    A field commander described the heroic military operation carried out by the to release all people abducted by ISIL terrorists from province few weeks ago as “very precision” : only a dead terrorist is a good one! here:some off!

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  4. Nov 12

    S. : 2 soldiers killed past 48hrs by on front incl. the 1st documented fatality of 4th Division (from ). Pics 3-4 show artillery position & nearby camp deployed around the Volcanic Field in E. CS.

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  5. 4 hours ago

    S. : more reinforcements are sent to front for battle vs . Photos show "Thunder Forces" part of 4th Division preparing to leave CS for E. desert.

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  6. Nov 8
    Replying to

    /: It's so funny to see the SAA narrative of 'freeing the woman' after fighting the IS being spread, this narrative is now heavily being spread among national Syrian TV. There has not been used even a bullet to free the woman of Sweida.

  7. Nov 9

    E. : first evidence showing vehicles reportedly used by to transport E. abductees in SE. desert. During assault on convoy, 8 IS fighters were killed but also 2 children.

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  8. Nov 14

    Yesterday, Bashar Assad met with a group of Suweida captives who were recently freed from ISIS. These people were kidnapped on July 25 in attack on the province of and from the village Shabaki.

  9. Nov 13

    S. : more photos showing E. desert flooded due to heavy rains past days showing artillery position & camp near Volcanic Field.

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  10. Nov 8

    : Regime closed a vital medical laboratory leaving tens of thousands without it's services. This follows a series of similar closures elsewhere where staff members are put out of work and pressured to join Regime militias.

  11. Nov 13

    You will not see these pics on Western TV: President Bashar met with people liberated from captivity

  12. Nov 8

    Credits: Wissam Sliman on Facebook: kidnap victims were liberated from their kidnappers, ISIS terrorists. The Syrian Arab Army forces were able to…

  13. Nov 13

    Footage of units fighting in with support from advisors and

  14. Nov 10

    S. : photos showing presence of officers close to front with in Volcanic Field E. of .

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  15. Nov 10

    : an exclusive footage of a special operation to free hostages from captivity of the ISIL terrorists not far from the US base special forces participate in the operation to free people, kidnapped on August, 25 in city

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  16. Nov 10

    ⚡️ send a fresh batch of Netional Defense Forces to southern 's Al-Safa volcanic plateau in . Reinforcements heading froة are believed to be redeployed there in the next 12 hour and will work to boost the SAA operations against terrorists

  17. Nov 10

    One militant was captured alive during operation to rescue hostages in eastern desert

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  18. Nov 9

    GRAPHIC SANA published the photo's of killed militants in eastern area in the aftermath of yesterday's operation that resulted in freeing hostages

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  19. Nov 9

    The Syrian Arab Army () conducted an operation in the Syrian Desert resulting in the release of hostages captured by the Islamic State () in Read our Iraq and Syria Digest below:

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