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  1. 2 minutes ago

    11b2 have done some brilliant work around emotive language and empathy. Have a listen to Connor's poem around experiences of warfare

  2. Nov 11

    Massive American flag hung between 2 Canyons in North Ogden for Veterans Day.

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  3. A Sikh statue has been unveiled in Birmingham, UK to mark the end of WWI. Sikhs made up 20% of the British Indian Army, despite being just 2% of India’s population. Statues like these should be installed in Gallipoli & Ypres too.

  4. Nov 11

    Our veterans deserve security when their time in service ends. Here's our pledge to veterans: 🤝 Proper mental health services to treat PTSD 🏠 An end to rough sleeping 📚 Free education, retraining, and more apprenticeships

  5. Nov 11

    Because of you, True North Strong and Free. 🇨🇦

  6. Nov 12

    I'm a war veteran, i assist lots of my fellow vets get the benefits/mental health services/housing they deserve, Mr. Corbyn speaks up for us, we don't give a fuck what coat he wore at the Cenotaph, so to all those offended by this fuck off and get a life

  7. We will remember them. Photo by: Matt Squire

  8. Nov 11

    Please RT if you're offended by the designer suits and Tony Blair are wearing - knowing that they are funded by advising, supporting and selling arms to terrorists and war criminals. Don't start me on their hypocrisy 😡

  9. Make no mistake the greatest disrespect to our veterans doesn't come from the size of the poppy warn on the lapel but by those who enable arms to be sold into war zones not for our protection but for the greed of the 1%.

  10. Nov 11
  11. PM marked the centenary of the World War 1 Armistice by laying a wreath at the Cenotaph today.

  12. Nov 12

    King of Morocco is sleeping during Macron's speech... See Trump 🤣

  13. Nov 11

    It was great to see so many young people out on including a fantastic turnout from who also came to for the memorial service.

  14. Nov 11

    I don’t normally make a big thing of these things,’s hard not to conclude that this was very deliberate snub by JC: choosing not to wear the smart coat we all KNOW is in his wardrobe, cos he wore it last year!

  15. Nov 11

    We're halfway there! Our teams across Scotland have completed portraits of Captain Charles Hamilton Sorley on Roseisle beach, Second Lieutenant Walter Tull on Ayr beach and Doctor Elsie Inglis on West Sands beach.

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  16. Nov 12

    Performing the 'missing man' pull up

  17. 2 hours ago
  18. Nov 11
  19. Nov 11

    How do we avoid repeating the tragedies & mistakes of the past? By giving children BOOKS that will help them understand the world, and build a better future!

  20. remembers its heroes who fell on the fields of the First World War.

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