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  1. Nov 13

    The has admitted 104 civilian deaths from air & artillery strikes in . US-backed civilian rescue teams on the ground say it's actually "thousands" (2,600 & counting.) + They need another year to clear the city of corpses under the rubble.

  2. The ISF of arrested a daesh leader today who is thought to be behind the assasination of Sheikh Bashir al Huweidi. The sheikh was shot in his car last week. RT Via:

  3. Nov 11
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    5) These bombs can take down whole buildings and cause great damage in dense residential areas like

  4. 6 hours ago

    The is accused of policing policies that victimize non- communities. In , is hoping outrage against the SDF will work to its advantage and delegitimize counter-intel operations against it in . investigates.

  5. Nov 9
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  7. Nov 11

    spills the beans on the slaughter in brought about by the US led coslition. There can be little doubt war crimes were committed here. A year later bodies of complete families are being recovered from the ruins ....

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  8. Nov 9

    rescuers counter coalition claim of “precise war” on . Tell that “thousands” of civilians died

  9. Nov 13

    Reports Of Government Axis Reinforcements Arriving To The Frontlines Between The Government And Sdf In And Deir Ez Zor Governorates,in Preparations To Enter These Areas,in Case Of A Turkish-tfsa Offensive On Sdf Areas In The North

  10. 11 hours ago

    Activities with Thalassemic continues At the project’s final stage, children can have activities themselves in the fully-equipped activity room

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  11. Nov 13

    helicopters firing thermal projectiles over via

  12. Nov 8
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    but even thow, even slowly but at least rebuild is in progress, while hyperfinance controlled remains in ruined state without any hope.

  13. 13 hours ago

    Ilham Ahmed, senior member of the Syrian Democratic Council, speaking via video conference from at the 3rd annual conference of the Kurdish Policy Research Center in Washington DC.

  14. Nov 7

    US Uses Banned White Phosphorus Bombs in for the Fourth Time in Two Months. stated that “employing asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and all analogous liquids, materials or devices is by the Intl. Criminal Court a war crime.”

  15. Nov 13

    Recovery workers in are unearthing more bodies of civilians—many of whom were killed by US-led coalition airstrikes—as the region recovers from civil war destruction

  16. Nov 11

    After so called " liberation " of pushed by msm the real truth emerges , U.S. airstrikes killed more civilians than ISIS THAT'S WHY you won't see this on and some call it " LYING BY OMISSION "

  17. Nov 13
  18. Nov 7

    Following the assassination of its leader Bashir Faisal al-Huwaidi, members of Sabha Tribe on Sunday demonstrated and called for boycott of YPG/PKK, which is held responsible for the terror. Al-Huwaidi –known opposed to the terrorist group– was killed Saturday in .

  19. 13 hours ago

    Our sanitation team extend polyethylene (40mm diameter, 30 m long) pipeline to New Horizons Center after more than a year of the water outage, within Essential Services Rehabilitation Project in

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  20. Nov 10

    'Entire Families Wiped Out': U.S. Airstrikes Killed Many Civilians In ’s Punish America for its crimes!!

  21. Nov 8
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    It must be just hell to see like this. I can't imagine..

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