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  1. 23 hours ago

    : footage of combat work of the fifth-generation aviation systems in the Syrian Arab Republic to counter

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  2. Nov 18

    Part2- and barreling down on positions. Helicopters and war jets were used

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  3. Nov 18

    P-8 Poseidon feetwet since this morning snooping , now getting station closer to , waiting for An-124 to land with its cargo.

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  4. Nov 18
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  5. Nov 18
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  6. Nov 18

    S. : long video showing assault to take Sh. Hussein tomb (devastated: 5:30) from in Volcanic Field. Su-34, Mi-25s & Ka-28. Hideouts & few weapons captured from last IS fighters.

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  7. Nov 18
  8. Nov 14

    update 2325Z RF86906 RFF7048 track out of -hdg east across the Mediterranean.

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  9. Nov 14

    An illustration of the Air Force interceptor: the MiG-31 Foxhound in action

  10. Nov 11
  11. Nov 11

    Last nights tap house

  12. Nov 11

    The send hell fire to the ISIL terrorists in the volcano field in the desert near the US base which is supporting the scum! In the next days, the Army & , combined with heavy missile attacks from the⚓ Med will eradicate ISIL!

  13. Nov 10

    🚨 : more than interesting: 🔹The Russian Ministry of Defense published a photo of Tu-95MS long-range strategic missile-carrier bombers 🔹Ready before combat training Ahhh, a weapons capable long-range bomber is ready for "training"

  14. Nov 9

    S. : today heavy rain stopped Offensive on Volcano in its tracks (no advance despite heaviest --arty bombardment in weeks). took advantage of bad weather to launch own attacks (a dozen killed on both sides).

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  15. Nov 9

    : the last days of ISIL are numbered: 📌 The and are preparing to unleash a massive assault against the ISIL in Southern and Eastern 📌 The attack will be conducted in conjunction with the ’s offensives in the and region

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