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  1. Nov 15

    As long as zionism occupies one centimeter of Palestine, the only valid passport of is a kalashnikov!

  2. Nov 14

    Morning photo from Al Aqsa Mosque

  3. Nov 9

    World's oldest & most beautiful olive tree, is this Palestinian one in occupied Westbank village of AlWalajeh, its 5500 year old. Salah, the owner says they have special relation like body & soul It has 25 baby tree, make 500kg of best oil/year

  4. Excellent news. Bizarre that should ever have listed properties in the occupied

  5. Nov 17

    🇵🇸 : Gerard Butler helped raise $60 million for the Israeli Army!

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  7. 37 minutes ago

    ‘Settler colonialism has destroyed the culture of the colonised – Palestine is no different’ -

  8. Nov 16

    Even if they demolish my house ❤️

  9. Nov 16

    Bonjour . pas de bug. c'est la vérité its already Palestine . and everyone know that . occupation must end thanks for the truth

  10. Good morning from 🇵🇸 Where 1 young man worths an army 💪

  11. That's what they all say... Yes it was great Thanks... sometimes life imitates rubbish racist parodies run by the saddo Simon Cobbs... Sally's biggest fan/stalker... G-d bless

  12. Nov 14

    Israel's $72m 'war chest' to fight BDS arrives in Europe But every Israeli attempt to discredit the Palestinian boycott movement is helping it gain more supporters.

  13. Nov 17

    This is Palestine. A journalist turns into a paramedic to a save a young girl’s life from the bullets and tear gases fired randomly by Israeli soldiers. This is how humanitarianism, professionalism and persistence shape our Palestinian spirit. Photo: , today.

  14. Nov 18

    Watch young children how to sing to Palestine

  15. In love for 🇵🇸 female students sing a song for Palestine 🇵🇸 Long live Palestine 🇵🇸

  16. 16 hours ago

    warns of 'consequences' as joins international bodies

  17. Campuses are being being strangled now. What chance will the next generation have with a system like this?

  18. Nov 18

    World'd b solidarity with more & more 👍 ❝"We come here every week despite Israeli threats. We are patient and we will keep resisting." Thousands Palestinians took part in the at Gaza border last Friday. fr. DaysofPalestine

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  19. 3 hours ago

    Ben Gurion proved to be wrong. The tragic life of Ariel Sharon clearly showed that will never normality and peace.

  20. 17 hours ago

    This is Nael Barghouthi, who has turned 62 years old, after spending 39 years of his life in israeli jails.

  21. 19 hours ago

    Absolutely huge BDS win! Well done everyone who worked on this campaign. is UNSTOPPABLE! Airbnb says removing listings in West Bank settlements

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