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  1. 2 hours ago
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    This spox lies as he breaths. It is really troublesome to see many pathological liars among spokesmen of military forces in the region, as if it is a prerequisite for the job, like copies Muhammad al-Sahhaf in 2003.

  2. 6 hours ago

    ⚡️ spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari told reporters that only President who is elected by the Libyan people can take up the post of the Commander-in-Chief. " That is the sole prerogative of the President," said Ahmed Al-Mismari

  3. Nov 12

    - photos of the 's newly formed 73rd bde. patrolling the area between Harawah and Nawfaliyah

  4. Nov 11

    - Last Friday, an unidentified fuel truck was found burning in the desert 20 kilometers south of the En Naga field (part of the Camel Area Fields) by patrols.

  5. Nov 8

    - New photos of MiG-23UB '502' during ground tests. This aircraft was brought from al-Jufrah airbase.

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  6. 4 hours ago

    Will be interesting to observe how this plays out w/ Madkhalists in the given their rhetoric that advocates for "obedience to the ruler". Some consider Agila, as speaker of the , the "ruler" as supreme commander of the army (& not ). One of many contradictions.

  7. 9 hours ago

    This article says may attend the summit in on Dec 6th. ’s Déby—who couldn’t go to —wants to step up to the plate in terms of the ’s fight against rebels in the .

  8. Nov 5

    - Chief of Staff Gen. Abdul Razek al-Nadori visited Al-Jaghboub border police & the 415th Battalion (ex-108th). He stressed his keenness to strengthen cooperation btw Libya & Egypt to reduce smuggling, borders infiltration, human trafficking & mvt of terrorist groups.

  9. 3 hours ago

    envoy Ghassan Salame says renegade General Khalifa , head of the Libyan National Army (), is 'committed to support' elections in in the spring of 2019.

  10. Nov 6

    National Libyan Army, Ajdabiya Operations Room with the Police forces, raid and apprehend group of illegal immigrants with some ammo.

  11. Nov 7

    ⚡️ Commander Khalifa visited and held talks with 's Def Minister Sergey and Head of the General Staff Valery Apart from the customary agenda, meeting touched upon the ways of resolving the Libyan crisis and fight against terrorism

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  13. Nov 12

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  14. Nov 6

    He also issued immediate instructions to arrest some of those officials imposing levies or other wise disrupting and obstructing the port's work and the process of entering and exiting cargo trucks.

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  15. 22 hours ago

    : spokesperson says the militia has "solid information" that terrorist from will be moved to and then Libya. cc:

  16. Nov 14

    Fayez , Prime Minister of meets Libyan National Army's () commander Khalifa in Palermo as seeks to reconcile Libya’s rulers.

  17. Nov 8

    - photo purportedly showing "al-Karama" (dignity) patrol vessel (formerly known as LÉ Aisling (P23) under ) in maiden voyage under Navy off the coast of , to combat illegal immigration, fishing, and smuggling

  18. Nov 11

    - Four 's 106th Infantry Brigade members (one from 124th and another from 322nd Batallion) were wounded last Thursday during clashes in

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  19. Nov 7

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  20. Nov 12

    : the spokesperson of 's says the Marshal is not in to attend the conference, but only to hold bilateral meeting with some neighbouring country.

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