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  2. 43 minutes ago
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    Maybe 'unclear' for but for those who want to identify radical Islam, it's very clear. Very scary to see a thin line between 'moderate' and 'radical'.

  3. Dec 12
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    This is not it is the killing of innocent people. Islam donot teaches this, Islam teaches unity among people. And if any muslim does any illegal thing they get out of Islam because it is not following of Islam it is misguidance of the believes.

  4. 6 hours ago
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    Eternal power for sure .... About state sponsored terrorism I am sure won't agree with it. We have to deal diplomatically with our neighbors correct me sir ?

  5. 3 hours ago
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  6. 2 hours ago

    The author of the book " in Bosnia in time of globalization" Miroljub told SRNA that the book reads that everything that happened in in 1992 and the time before it, as well as the birth of Republika Srpska, is the result of the Serb…

  7. Dec 11
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    ..beware India.. will become more active.

  8. Dec 12
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    How can be a been held in Europe. Jihad is done when any country is non islamic and doing war with islamic country. This is not Jihad, those who are doing this they are doing for money.

  9. Dec 13
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    “We” are all apologists and promoters? I sure hope not...

  10. Dec 12

    “Person of the year” should not be a journalist capable of or progressive who destroy men unless being Immoral and unjust qualifies you. It should be if your looking for someone who loves Americans

  11. 16 hours ago

    ... Jews Deserve To Live - With Security, In Peace! Three shooting attacks in 3 months. 5 murdered. 2 terrorists caught. 1 to go.

  12. ~ Now 👹 shops are likely to be open in also !? Because father of is father in law of Pilot 🛩️ Stone pelting has already started in few part of Raj. 👹🐒

  13. Dec 6

    .: Today, votes on a US resolution that asks a simple question: do countries support ' terrorism? The has a chance to condemn Hamas for the first time. If the UN fails to do so, its lack of credibility will shine.

  14. 20 hours ago

    Chekatt, 29, was ‘neutralised’ following a two-day manhunt by hundreds of officers after he killed three and wounded 13 in an attack on the French city’s bustling Christmas market. 1/2

  15. 2 weeks ago a specifically attacked with his car in . I've been waiting to see the responses to this apparent act of but so far, there's almost no attention. Has jihad become so routine that we no longer even notice it?

  16. 7 hours ago
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    Of course you cant Helene. It is jihad. Worse are our leaders, who close their eyes to this sick violent ideologi. Even use our tax money supporting its spread. Shame on them. Link to article

  17. 4 hours ago
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    The root of violence is hatred of the , and bitterness that the against the Jews is failing, because will not give in to leftist lunatics or evil , just as it should be!!

  18. Dec 10
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    ..Hindus never understood .

  19. Dec 12

    Emmanuel Macron calls climate change the “greatest threat to ” — while a Muslim ex‐convict opens fire at a Christmas market in Strasbourg yelling “Allahu Akbar.” The greatest threat to France isn't climate change or gasoline 1/2

  20. 9 hours ago

    Imagine a 'religion of peace' where you are told to hate others, and where hatred is actually obligatory - yup it's Islam!

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