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  2. 18 minutes ago

    released footage of targeting a bus, which had 40 soldiers, but they waited until all except one got out & then hit it.This was retaliation to assassination mission

  3. 12 minutes ago

    🇮🇶 ’s Federal Police units continue to raid suspected Da’ish hideouts in Daquq, Hawijah, Dibis and other districts in Kirkuk province. More than a dozen Da’ish suspects detained in addition to multiple clusters of IEDs treated.

  4. 23 minutes ago

    🇮🇶 Ops in the ‘Atshana Hills in Ninawa by ’s army over the weekend led to the discovery of two dozen tunnels and caves in the area. More than 30 Da’ish militants were killed, including 13 struck inside a cave network by an airstrike.

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  5. 9 minutes ago

    Sorry for being MIA all this while. I've had a rough schedule and then a journey towards the heavens on Have been unbelievably lucky to have completed the visits to Holy sites in & Will share the content here if I get the right kind of audience

  6. 57 minutes ago

    Gunmen kill nine in ’s province -security sources

  7. 7 hours ago

    I received in my office in . Very fruitful discussions on advancing economic & finance sectors.

  8. 2 hours ago
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    Ma’am, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, I respect that. However, all politics and religion aside I’m here on my own free will. I served our nation in / as a combat officer. This war is my third one, and I’m here as a volunteer. I am NOT a mercenary.

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  9. 7 hours ago

    Musings On Protests Return To Iraq’s Basra After Having Failed To Achieve Goals During Summer

  10. 46 minutes ago
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    No doubt you are having nightmares of watching from you window the walking dead children men women you killed in and many places when you said "all the killing is worth" may be you meant the nightmares is price you are paying to be a patriot an apology will help you

  11. 30 minutes ago

    🇮🇶 ’s 20th Infantry Division conducting sweeping ops in the ‘Atshana hills range in Ninawa province. 3 Da’ish safehouses were found and intel was passed onto the US-led coalition which struck and killed 14 militants. Dozen IEDs also treated.

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  12. And after not showing up at , and , or not deeming the troops worthy enough to visit in or proves he has no use for our fighting military except as political propaganda.

  13. 6 hours ago

    The governor of central bank of Ali AlAlaq “The rain destroyed 7 billion dinars, in the safe of Rafidain bank”

  14. 2 hours ago
  15. 8 hours ago

    Troopers assigned to 1st Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, operate the Drone Defender during a counter-unmanned aerial system drill while deployed to .

  16. 4 hours ago
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    Blair stood behind him - he sent how many young men to their deaths in in an illegal war - What was he wearing apart from a smirk?

  17. 9 hours ago

    Iraqi Parliament Pushes for Timetable on US Pullout Top MP says calls for US to leave will double with new parliament

  18. calls for 1 mln bpd cut in global oil output; says it would cut its own production by half that amount. , meanwhile, said it would abide by decision to 'stabilize the market'

  19. 4 hours ago

    Juxtapose HERO TammyDuckworth Today is my Alive Day, the anniversary of the day I almost died but didn’t. On this day 14 yrs ago, an RPG tore through the cockpit of the helicopter I was flying over , taking my legs&partial use of my right arm with it. TRAITOR👇

  20. The U.S. has a higher rate of gun deaths per 100,000 people than and —both active war zones, and has experienced four shootings in 2018 alone where 10 or more people were murdered

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