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  2. Nov 12
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    Iranian regime is sabotaging nation , population of 80 million for 40years! 2 billion is nothing compared to what house of khamenei Kingdom dynasty of dictatorship spending on themselves & continue orders of execution, lies deceive to stay in power.

  3. In contrast to the current regime, the people are overwhelmingly educated,pro-democracy, and unlike their government, they seek to live in coexistence with the outside world. The current regime is a danger to world peace and must be changed.

  4. Nov 9

    Terrorists, cultists – or champions of democracy? The wild wild story of the MEK: "Meanwhile, back in Albania, the is struggling to hold on to its own members, who have begun to defect..."

  5. 2 hours ago

    LOL. Your source is infowars??! You couldn’t find another source with ANY credibility? people certainly don’t need you or anyone from the outside telling them what they need. Get a job and move on with your life

  6. 22 minutes ago

    The Government is destroying the lives of their own citizens at home & abroad, demolishing , attempting to isolate , initiating a rift with ... Could all of MbS' impulsive mistakes only serve the Govt's long-term interests?

  7. Nov 10

    Dismayed that should pay lip-service to absurd &disgraceful fabrications against democratic opposition propagated by a pariah regime of . My letter: A Foiled Attempt to Whitewash the Terrorist Regime in Tehran

  8. 29 minutes ago

    After failures in middle east establishment marching towards 2 new options: 1. Using media to reveal ’s intention to harm the economy and assassinate its military commanders. 2. promote and advertise for an “Arab (Sunni) Army“.

  9. Info on freedom of guards released by Pakistan:

  10. 24 hours ago

    US wants to ‘choke Iran's economy’ and ‘squeeze’ Iran with ‘until the pips squeak’. We are the ordinary people they want to squeeze and choke...

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  12. 4 hours ago

    The Assault and Taking of Seringapatam by the British painted by 19th cent. artist ‘Abdullah who was the chief painter in the court of Faith ‘Ali Shah Qajar and his successor. This 1836-7 Iranian oil painting was likely a copy of Henry Singleton’s earlier work.

  13. Five abducted guards safely recovered:Pak FO spokesman

  14. 2 hours ago

    When border security guards are abducted from soil by Pakistani Terrorist Army. You can imagine what would have happen to an Indian😔.

  15. In panel discussion, presented major common regional risks: regime regional threat extending to the & support of Terrorism (s.a. & ). Stressed the need to stand up together against aggression & for Security

  16. The Guardian as mouthpiece for the regime On Friday 9th November, British newspaper “The Guardian” published a piece by Aaron Merat. Merat, a British-Iranian citizen is known as an apologist of the Iranian regime

  17. women in regime prisons, who are the most vulnerable are speaking up against the mullahs, so why do ppl in the comfort of living under a & enjoying the right to supporting the mullahs' corruption & repression?

  18. Nov 12
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    Mr. Jafarzadeh is absolutely right. Also diplomat Mr. Assadollah Assadi was arrested on Jun 2018, and charged with acting as a foreign agent and conspiracy to commit murder NCRI supporters in foreign soil. EU wake up before it's be too late.

  19. Nov 7

    8 years of imprisonment is enough for the innocent Dr. I spiritual leader, already faced unlawful judgement. Now authority prepear for extend more 5 years imprisonment. This is tottaly unacceptable We should protest Let's

  20. Workers of the Steel Factory continued their ongoing strike for the sixth consecutive day on Wednesday chanting slogans against the regime.

  21. 4 hours ago

    Thank you so much for having the bravery & courage to stand against this brutal mullahs regime & giving voice for the people who are suffering the most! When will legacy Media follow suit I just don't know. CC.

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