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  1. Nov 14

    Meet the Kosovo Albanian brigade of the “Free Syrian Army” in ! They want to oust the “Assad” regime as well! Soon, they will be either dead or back to Europe!

  2. When people suffer, we cannot remain indifferent". is the sanctuary province for millions of civilians. As the threat of violent attacks in looms over it, we remain vigilant and ready to be there for those trapped civilians.

  3. 19 minutes ago

    We were born as country protectors. We are the champions of a generation who believes in struggle is the road to success and in every inch in the homeland determination dwells.. Taha regiment storming and the upcoming is greater

  4. The children of "Doha Kindergarten" in city can learn and play in a fresh revitalized school due to the extensive work of our teams. New windows, fresh paint and a new playground for the youngsters, all marked by a fun event to celebrate the re-opening of the school.

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  6. Tensions & clashes broke out this afternoon near highway, which comes as violations of the ceasefire agreement & the public rhetoric are intensifying on both sides. The situation in Idlib remains on thin ice.

  7. 34 minutes ago

    This is the dress of a Syrian who came from to to witness a new aggression just days before her with her Palestinian . Many Gazans are contributing to recover this new family by repairing their home & sponsoring the wedding.

  8. 9 hours ago

    Two or tree videos of 50 soldiers in so called military camps can only fool those outside of and doesn't represent the Majority of bored members in complaining of bad food and internal fights among themselves.

  9. 9 hours ago
    Replying to

    Another desperate attempt by mujrimoon to accelerate Russian airstrikes on . What I'm seeing on the ground are members stuck in headquarters, nothing to do, many quarrels, disputes and disillusioned members waiting at Turkish border trying to go back home

  10. 3 hours ago

    ’s foreign ministry said on Thursday the process of separating radical militants from moderate opposition groups in the demilitarized zone in ’s region had not yet been successfully achieved.

  11. Breaking: Intense clashes erupt along - axis

  12. U.N. still sees big risks in , despite a lull in northwest, few signs of rebels negotiating or laying down their arms or seeking amnesty

  13. Nov 7

    As a result of the importance of women's proficiency in several languages, our center in Ma’rat al-Nu’man offers English courses at various levels, helping women express themselves in speech and in writing and enables them to enter the job market.

  14. 3 hours ago

    Syrian Reconciliation Minister Ali Haydar accuses of failing to implement parts of the Sochi agreement, compares the fragile situation in to 'someone standing on a ball'

  15. We distributed food parcels to the needy in Taybe Orphanage and Kemmune Camp in 's region.

  16. Nov 9

    Under the buffer zone agreement, Turkey has to keep militant groups away from the demilitarized zone. This still has not happened.

  17. Nov 14

    This thing is specially for my American readers 😜 A M1 Garand for sale somewhere in . Due to the fact only one clip comes with the rifle, the seller is asking for $120. However, I think bargaining is appropriate here and the price still can be dropped to $100 or less.

  18. 2 hours ago

    "Between 3 and 8 November, 78 trucks - a very large convoy - was able to navigate through some of the most dangerous areas of " - briefs press on recent successful convoy to & on his concerns regarding

  19. Nov 14

    What about , where Erdogan is not meeting his commitments? Is it forgotten now?

  20. One of the slightly more reasonable accessorised AKs in , this Polish AKM was for sale for $450 and features a new railed foreend and a Magpul style stock, possibly a airsoft clone.

  21. Nov 14

    These are some of the drawings that you've drawn 14 November 2018

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