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  1. pred 14 hodinami

    US-led aircraft evacuate terrorists from eastern : Report

  2. pred 16 hodinami

    Note to , If you don't want people to think of you as terrorists, stop acting like terrorists. I mean, my God, you even DRESS like . You wanna protest, take off the damned black hoods and masks you insufferable p*ssies.

  3. pred 18 hodinami

    After freeing the civilians of from , the most brutal ruler of the earth, President Bashar al-Assad forced his people yesterday to carry him like a pharaoh. *Sarcasm

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  4. pred 23 hodinami

    📹 This footage as well as possible describes the situation around . "How the is trying to annoy " 😂

  5. 14. 11.

    You will not see these pics on Western TV: President Bashar met with people liberated from captivity

  6. 13. 11.

    : More picture of 's reception of the 19 people liberated by the from . Assad does not kill his people. He saves them.

  7. 13. 11.

    President Bashar al-Assad received on Tuesday the abducted citizens of who were recently liberated by the from which had kidnapped them in last July.

  8. 13. 11.

    A fighter from the Kurdish Women's Protection Units during a funeral in Qamishli by

  9. 13. 11.

    There’s almost no difference between the two. I’m sure the scum from Azov would consider it as compliment. vs.

  10. 13. 11.

    Peshawer SP was kidnapped in Islamabad. Now in an apparent letter, say they’ve killed him in Nangarhar. How would the authorities explain it bcoz they have been denying ISIS presence in !? Also, how could IS kidnapped him from Islo to !?

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  11. 13. 11.

    Wait is this or territory? Banner says "We won't accept Christian graveyard near Muslim population"

  12. 13. 11.

    In the have lost their homes & suffered death at the hands of . While ISIS is on the run, victims struggle to rebuild. Danger looms. Sign to demand the world recognize the these Christians have experienced.

  13. 11. 11.

    Where did come from? It came from the exact extremist ideology that people like are trying to instill into the American society. Under the guise of “feminism,” her virulent campaign is absorbed by youth who are disillusioned by our govt.

  14. 10. 11.

    📸 units discovered several long-range missiles left by in province

  15. 9. 11.

    Watch what one of the young girls from who were kidnapped by said after she and the others were freed by the Syrian army. The expression on her father's face when she said she feared she would never see him again 😢 Video via

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  16. 9. 11.

    rescuers counter coalition claim of “precise war” on . Tell that “thousands” of civilians died

  17. 9. 11.

    📸 eliminated by under the guidance of SOF during hostage rescue operation in

  18. 8. 11.

    So proved that was created by .....

  19. 4. 11.

    is now in a weakened state, but effects of the they committed against Christians is long lasting. The world must join together to help victims & end genocide for good. Show your support.

  20. 4. 11.

    Pic of / militants operations in pocket E

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