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    ☀🐃👽 My . .. me 👉 / ""the biggest Alpha""

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    and units within the force currently fighting in were ordered to get prepared to withdraw from the front at any moment to face if it is necessary. The first thing is to defend your home and your family

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    Detailed and graphic account of the July 2018 massacre by US protected / terrorists; and the aftermath, including the liberation of hostages by the . Thank you .

  5. 3 jam lalu

    /J units within the force currently fighting in were ordered to get prepared to withdraw from the front at any moment to counter Turkish threats and a possible incursion into Rojava-N. Syria.

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  6. & 2017 infighting of terrorist & jihadisterz against in village ! I just love this video ! but in fact I'm looking after some part of this video which was a very hard drone & face to face battles of this 2dogs ! any help mæ to get it?& how?

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    Remote controlled machine guns of captured today in . They point it to a certain place where fighters or vehicles would probably pass by and fire it when they see movement at that location via the cameras they place earlier.

  8. 10 jam lalu

    Fascinating by , who got his hands on a secret Dec 14 letter from to , attempting to pull it into 's Caliphate -- some great detail into AQ- differences & rivalry. Its great to have Tore writing for !

  9. 12 jam lalu

    The city of was a symbol of defeating and an example of liberated city’s from terrorism, now Manbij is a symbol of security stability and coexistence.

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  10. 13 jam lalu

    journalist Siyamend Hisen: is still fighting inside neighborhoods and the city isn't fully liberated yet

  11. 13 jam lalu

    found mass graves near Over 900 corpses are believed to be that were previously imprisoned by from We mourn with ISIS is a black plague and it must be annihilated!

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    Membalas kepada

    Actually! Today leadership using for their own dirty business.

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    is hell bent to introduce or pave way for them into so that the & struggle for rights of determination be branded as terrorism & can commit all the crimes against locals, similar to Israel occupation.

  14. 15 jam lalu

    - overnight airstrike by "unknown aircraft" (likely ) reportedly targeted a convoy of technicals (likely ) in Wadi Jarif, west of

  15. 15 jam lalu

    Latest Military Situation in Despite the announce of full liberation of Hajin town from terrorists by pro-Kurdish media; still heavy clashes continue in southern part of Hajin. Now near 90% of Hajin is under control. Interactive map:

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  16. 16 jam lalu

    military convoy was spotted in heading to oil-rich area recently captured by from . The US doesn't take chances when it comes to oil.

  17. 17 jam lalu

    'Heads down, hands behind the back!' busts underground network raising money for

  18. 17 jam lalu

    10 Indians from Kerala left the country to join . 🇮🇳 Police have just confirmed that 10 people from Kannur district, including 5 minors have fled the country to join . They are suspected to be on their way to or .

  19. 17 jam lalu

    Kurdish-led SDF forces retake Hajin, the largest village in the last pocket controlled by in eastern : monitor

  20. 17 jam lalu

    A Swedish-Iraqi student was rescued from an held town sometime in 2014 by mercenaries in four SUV’s hired by his thesis advisor and we’re only just hearing about it. Via and

  21. 18 jam lalu

    Nangarhar governor office issued these pictures saying 2 Taliban and 7 members arrested in border districts in NDS operation. “2 of them are from who were leading the ISIS local group.”

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