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  1. Significant progress over the last 48 hours in the stronghold of in eastern with forces thrusting into the downtown areas after heavy fighting.

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    religious scholars say that is the biggest threat to .

  3. Special Operations after defeat .

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    Important. - "The teenage soldiers who fought , now deserted by their country." 100s have returned home physically &/or psychologically broken, but with little thanks or help. There are 550 in , alone.

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    Remote controlled machine guns of captured today in . They point it to a certain place where fighters or vehicles would probably pass by and fire it when they see movement at that location via the cameras they place earlier.

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    pocket captured town from terrorists. Clashes continue in Abu al Khater & Abu Hassan. Clashes also continue in Baghuz Tahtani between sides. HD:

  8. Fascinating by , who got his hands on a secret Dec 14 letter from to , attempting to pull it into 's Caliphate -- some great detail into AQ- differences & rivalry. Its great to have Tore writing for !

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    repulsed several attacks in two districts of .

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    Off to DC. I’m looking forward to hearing present our current work archiving and coding propaganda using machine learning at today’s meeting.

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    The city of was a symbol of defeating and an example of liberated city’s from terrorism, now Manbij is a symbol of security stability and coexistence.

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    journalist Siyamend Hisen: is still fighting inside neighborhoods and the city isn't fully liberated yet

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    found mass graves near Over 900 corpses are believed to be that were previously imprisoned by from We mourn with ISIS is a black plague and it must be annihilated!

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    Actually! Today leadership using for their own dirty business.

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    is hell bent to introduce or pave way for them into so that the & struggle for rights of determination be branded as terrorism & can commit all the crimes against locals, similar to Israel occupation.

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    - overnight airstrike by "unknown aircraft" (likely ) reportedly targeted a convoy of technicals (likely ) in Wadi Jarif, west of

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    Latest Military Situation in Despite the announce of full liberation of Hajin town from terrorists by pro-Kurdish media; still heavy clashes continue in southern part of Hajin. Now near 90% of Hajin is under control. Interactive map:

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    military convoy was spotted in heading to oil-rich area recently captured by from . The US doesn't take chances when it comes to oil.

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    'Heads down, hands behind the back!' busts underground network raising money for

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    10 Indians from Kerala left the country to join . 🇮🇳 Police have just confirmed that 10 people from Kannur district, including 5 minors have fled the country to join . They are suspected to be on their way to or .

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    Kurdish-led SDF forces retake Hajin, the largest village in the last pocket controlled by in eastern : monitor

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