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    El sigue presente en , en el este del país. Fuente:

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    En respuesta a

    Puede que la de sea la misma que la reconquista de de

  3. hace 3 horas

    Una vergüenza para , asesinaron al terrorista de sin juicio previo. Dedicado a ministra de exterior de y gran hdp!!! Siempre, ella y acusaron a por actuar como los franceses

  4. hace 35 segundos

    thank you for sacrificing to help a doctoral student & family escaping . Also thank you to the elite team of rescurers. Your humanity shld be a beacon to others.

  5. hace 14 minutos

    Significant progress over the last 48 hours in the stronghold of in eastern with forces thrusting into the downtown areas after heavy fighting.

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  7. hace 15 minutos

    religious scholars say that is the biggest threat to .

  8. hace 46 minutos

    Special Operations after defeat .

  9. Important. - "The teenage soldiers who fought , now deserted by their country." 100s have returned home physically &/or psychologically broken, but with little thanks or help. There are 550 in , alone.

  10. hace 1 hora

    Remote controlled machine guns of captured today in . They point it to a certain place where fighters or vehicles would probably pass by and fire it when they see movement at that location via the cameras they place earlier.

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  13. hace 3 horas

    pocket captured town from terrorists. Clashes continue in Abu al Khater & Abu Hassan. Clashes also continue in Baghuz Tahtani between sides. HD:

  14. hace 3 horas

    Fascinating by , who got his hands on a secret Dec 14 letter from to , attempting to pull it into 's Caliphate -- some great detail into AQ- differences & rivalry. Its great to have Tore writing for !

  15. hace 4 horas

    The Syrian Democratic Forces fighters liberated 500 civilians in the axes of al-Sousa town and the villages of Shajla, Bagouz in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor adjacent to the Iraqi borders

    Este contenido multimedia puede incluir material que puede herir la sensibilidad de algunas personas. Más información
  16. hace 4 horas

    260 female members of the Internal Security Forces in al-Raqqa contribute to preserving the city from any possible danger, protecting women and their rights.

    Este contenido multimedia puede incluir material que puede herir la sensibilidad de algunas personas. Más información
  17. hace 4 horas

    announced their next video release, this time from Anbar. This Iraqi province doesn't have too much ISIS activity lately (compared to years ago; I'm excluding Fallujah, it used to be a separate wilayah), so it's somehow surprising they are releasing a video from there.

  18. hace 4 horas

    repulsed several attacks in two districts of .

  19. hace 5 horas

    related groups had noticed that new nasheed was coming. And now, nasheed is released. 📌: This Arabic nasheed has been prepared for their “lone wolves”. Also, that is non-official.

  20. hace 5 horas

    Off to DC. I’m looking forward to hearing present our current work archiving and coding propaganda using machine learning at today’s meeting.

  21. hace 5 horas

    The spokesman to the security media center on Friday announced that operations commabd units destroyed two hideouts used by militants containig weapons and ammunition in the province's Abu Khanazir area.

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